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Today I delivered a keynote at Matillion Data Unlocked to introduce the Data Productivity Cloud- a paradigm shift in technology that empowers modern data teams to put their data to work and deliver business-ready data faster. I want to share more about the thought process that brought us to this moment.

The next step-change in productivity

Productivity drives humanity forward – the ultimate signal of our value creation in practice. But productivity is far more than a simple unit of measurement; it is velocity–speed,  matched with accuracy, and it propels us toward progress.  Productivity is usefulness. It is a tool that leads to deeper learning, fluid thinking, adaptation, and collaboration. Productivity delivers impact, an essential building block in the foundation of innovation.   In Manchester, UK, where Matillion was born, productivity has defined and shaped our city. But over the years, our definition of productivity has evolved dramatically. And today, there is a profound gap between our expectations and our ideas of productivity– especially when it comes to data productivity.   


Productivity drives change: a look back

During the industrial revolution, we looked at productivity as a means to increase scale.  Processes were invented to support synchronization to accelerate output.   Workers were trained around machines, and these machines did the heavy lifting. These incredible processes made the work of a few have a lasting impact on many. And at this time, the very essence of productivity–and the value it could bring to the world–was redefined.   Today, we look at productivity somewhat differently. We measure more than just what we can see on the surface and have the ability to understand things that once were hidden.  When it comes to data - productivity means making the data useful so we can accomplish more. Useful data is taken from its raw state and transformed, enriched, and embellished with metrics, so it can be used to deliver insights, drive change and pinpoint competitive advantage. And for the modern data team, the ability to harness this data and help users to capitalize on these nuances is what drives businesses forward.  

The data revolution

Today, every company competes with data. Cloud data is the competitive potential for businesses – a decisive advantage waiting in the wings.  But data is currently being stored without ways to work with it effectively. We are in a place where data is now creating data – which in turn creates data chaos.  Approaches to wrestle with data are out of date before we can scale them. Old habits prevent new processes from being created. And in the face of all this, our tools have let us down.  Even the most advanced data engineers have been toiling away with these antiquated methods and low-level technologies. And let’s face it, the work is too great for any one of us to accomplish on our own. There just aren’t enough people equipped to work with data, so generating more of it does us no good. But if we could effectively use data through the right tools, it would change everything.  This opportunity for change is at the heart of Matillion–to build the platform designed to support your modern data team–so you and others in your organization can rise to champion a new era of data productivity.  

Data Productivity Cloud: Rising to the challenge

Data productivity is the key to unlocking greater value. But in order to achieve it, we need a platform that can help us connect and use our data, enabling us to deliver on its potential even faster.  The ideal platform would be built for the most advanced data engineer but also usable by a wide range of people that need it.  It must integrate with legacy, cloud, and modern data platforms.  And it should be launched and learned in minutes, yet scale to the most sophisticated use cases across the organization.  And most importantly, this platform would need to be cloud native and work with technologies as they exist today–and be able to evolve and adapt to what they will be tomorrow. But most of all, it needs to be useful – plain and simple. This is key to creating an environment where ideas can flourish.  Matillion was born from the gap between data expectations and data productivity. Guesswork isn’t productivity. Rework isn’t productivity. ‘Just getting by’ isn’t productivity. Our expectations of you–the data engineers, the wranglers, the analysts, the doers, the insatiably curious, the dreamers–are exceedingly great.  With Matillion, you can get there.  Data productivity is reshaping the world around us. Let’s continue on this journey together. Visit our Data Productivity Cloud Success Center to get started.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado