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Get data business-ready faster with Universal Connectivity

Companies often select a data integration platform based on its support for a specific data source. The problem is, new applications and new sources are being introduced every day - there are literally 8,000 marketing SaaS applications alone.  So it's impossible for companies to know what sources they will need to connect to in the next day or month or year!  This lingering question mark can weigh heavily when investing in a data platform. Luckily, one of the best built-in concepts in Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is Universal Connectivity.  From loading to full data lifecycle with ELT and reverse ETL, we're on a mission to find new ways to make connecting data faster, easier and more comprehensive.   

What exactly is Universal Connectivity?

Matillion is customer-obsessed and we believe in finding new and creative ways to empower our customers by providing options because one size never truly fits all.  This includes integrating data from less common systems as well as custom systems and applications, in the fastest and most productive ways possible. We never lose sight of the end goal: enabling our users to deliver business-ready data so their organization can make actionable, informed decisions.    Universal Connectivity is the ability to connect data faster, from any source, with a wizard-based approach and no coding necessary.  We offer pre-built connectors to help data teams use enterprise data sources to quickly deliver data to the business. For more bespoke data sources, we built a no-code custom connector to help teams load data into a unified platform so they can use all the information available to make actionable, informed decisions.   

Enterprise connectivity: Integrated world-class connectors for the enterprise

We continue to invest heavily in our connector development, both expanding the number of systems Matillion supports as well as continuing to improve and enhance our advanced connectors.     For instance, we have enterprise connectors coming for SAP, Workday and Anaplan; these are massive in scope and are designed to take the heavy lift off customer teams by supporting complex underlying data models and attributes so data developers stay productive.  And we are building pervasive connectivity across our platform in both Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL, so the power of these data sources can be leveraged by users across our ecosystem.  

Custom connectivity: bringing together data from all sources 

Modern data teams need support for all their connectivity and this doesn't stop with what comes off the shelf from a data integration platform.  Often, customers need to consume data from less common or even custom systems; something we fully relate to ourselves.  So rather than only providing our generic API Query component, we introduced a wizard-like UI that guides data developers through the process of mapping out a new API and creating a connector for it.   It's effortless - just a few clicks in our simple wizard interface and a new, custom API component is created for use across the customer's workloads.  There's no need for deep API expertise, in fact, we find the process takes only seven minutes on average. Watch this video for a look at the custom connector capability  


Community connectivity:  shared connectors on Matillion Exchange

What really takes Universal Connectivity to the next level is our industry-leading developer-to-developer network, Matillion Exchange which allows customers to find, use and share connectors.  We were the first company in our space to introduce a code-free connector framework and Matillion Exchange allows customers to leverage the expertise of each other — a force multiplier for our amazing user community!  

Stay connected with the Data Productivity  Cloud

Today, we introduced the Data Productivity Cloud to the world and shared how our platform enables everyone in the organization to get business data ready, faster. Matillion puts a wealth of data connectivity options at your fingertips, with the goal of making sure that your platform is future-proof.   We can't wait for you to join the discussion at the Matillion Community, learn more about Universal Connectivity in our Matillion Academy course, and find out more about Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado