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In today's fast-paced world, data productivity is not just important; it's urgent. Data demands are soaring, and with that comes increased risks.  Discover how to activate your resources for faster, more accurate results. Explore cutting-edge Generative AI innovations and separate the hype from actionable results. Learn how cloud data fuels the AI-ready enterprise, just as Matillion transformed data management.

  • Radically Improve Data Productivity: Integrate your data ecosystem to meet rising demands.
  • Accelerate Business-Ready Data: Maximize your cloud data strategy for BI and AI projects.
  • Build the AI-Ready Enterprise: Harness AI in data workflows and drive innovation.

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Get insights, and inspiration to meet the urgent needs of data productivity – hearing from data leaders and explore the latest innovations around GenAI, learn from product and partner experts, and get the tools that will help to fully activate data teams.


Join Mark Balkenende, Joe Reis and the Deep Dish Data team for some engaging live chat, competitions and interviews as we build up to this year’s Data Unlocked! 

Join Matthew Scullion, Ciaran Dynes and an incredible line-up of influencers, industry leaders and data productivity experts including:

Mo Gawdat, Former Chief Business Officer,. Google, Podcast Host and Author

Frank Slootman, CEO, Snowflake

Heidi Liu. Director, Data Management & Analytics. Pacific Dental Services

Brody Vogel, Quantitative Analyst, Principal Global Equities

Kevin Petrie. VP of Research, Eckerson Group

Ian Mercer, Data Pipelines, Data Governance, and Data Management Category Lead. AWS

Scott Dedman, Head of Global Strategy and Solutions. Pure Storage

Laura Malins. VP of Product. Matillion

Broadcast live from Matillion Headquarters in Denver.  Mark, Joe and the team will discuss some of the key talking points from Data Unlocked, interview some of the main contributors from the Summit and have a little fun along the way!

Joe Reis, Best Selling Co-author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Mark Balkenende, VP of Product Marketing, Matillion

In this instructor-led presentation, you will learn some of the advanced techniques to build efficient data integration pipelines with Matillion. The session host will build data pipelines in real time while educating you on Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud Designer capabilities. At the end of the session, you will understand Matillion’s approach to cloud data integration, effective strategies to streamline your data pipelines and how Matillion enables full-scale collaboration through git integration

​​David Wilmer, Director of Technical Product Marketing, Matillion

Learn how Adaptavist introduced their "Data as a Product" solution; a comprehensive package that grants access to raw data and enabled a self-serve data culture. With the Adaptavist data-team providing governance, and ‘embedded data analysts’ in LOB teams across the organization, Matillion’s low-code/no-code interface allowed teams to swiftly transform data.

Callum O’Connor. Analytics Engineer, Adaptavist

Join Noble Keyser, Senior Data Analyst at Simple Tire for a deep-dive into the transformative power of TRIM, their cutting-edge data innovation. In the ever-challenging landscape of e-commerce shipping, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, SimpleTire's TRIM has redefined the game. 

Noble Keyser. Senior Data Analyst, Simple Tire

As AI becomes mainstream, companies are looking to build, train, deploy and manage LLMs using their own data as the foundation of their GenAI initiatives. Join Matillion and Databricks to explore how we are helping companies extract value and gain competitive advantage from their Lakehouse.

Ken Wong, Sr. Director of Product Management, Databricks

Join Molly Sandbo, Director of Product Marketing at Matillion, in a fireside chat with Jeff Hollan, Director of Product - Snowpark, Ecosystem, and Developer Platform at Snowflake. Explore the transformative potential of Snowpark Container Services, real-world applications, and how it's shaping the future of AI and data workloads. 

Jeff Hollan, Director of Product - Snowpark, Ecosystem, and Developer Platform, Snowflake

But don’t worry, we will make sure everything is available for you and your peers on-demand very shortly.

Speakers and Special Guests

We’ve gathered an exciting lineup of global influencers and industry leaders to share their experiences, insights, and predictions surrounding the future of Data and AI.

Matthew Scullion

Matthew Scullion

Chief Executive Officer

Frank Slootman

Frank Slootman


David Coulthard c

David Coulthard

Formula 1 Grand Prix driver, television broadcaster, author and entrepreneur

Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat

Former Chief Business Officer,
Google, Podcast Host and Author

Heidi Liu

Heidi Liu

Director, Data Management & Analytics 
Pacific Dental Services

Ciaran Dynes

Ciaran Dynes

Chief Product Officer

Joe Reis v2

Joe Reis

Best Selling Co-author of 
Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Brody Vogel

Brody Vogel

Quantitative Analyst
Principal Global Equities

Callum OC

Callum O’Connor

Analytics Engineer

Kevin Petre2

Kevin Petrie

VP of Research
Eckerson Group

Ian Mercer 1

Ian Mercer

Data Pipelines, Data Governance, and Data Management Category Lead

Jeff Hollan 1

Jeff Hollan

Director of Product

Ed thomson 2

Ed Thompson

Chief Technical Officer

Laura Malins2

Laura Malins

VP of Product

Ken wong

Ken Wong

Senior Director of Product Management

Ed Coronado 1

Ed Coronado

Principal Data Solution Architect

Robert Sandberg

Robert Sandberg

Head of AI

Tony Ko

Tony Ko

Director of Global Data Analytics & AI

Scott Dedman

Scott Dedman

Head of Global Strategy and Solutions
Pure Storage

Noble Keyser

Noble Keyser

Senior Data Analyst

Mark Balkenende

Mark Balkenende

VP of Product Marketing

Molly sandbo 2

Molly Sandbo

Director of Product Marketing

David Wilmer

David Wilmer

Director of Technical Product Marketing

Charlee norton 2

Charlee Norton

Product Manager

Julien 2

Julian Wiffen

Director of Data Science

Sam Wortman 2

Sam Wortman

AI Driven Product Marketing Manager

Eric Kavanagh

Eric Kavanagh

The Bloor Group


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