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Data Productivity for the Enterprise

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Data teams are under increased pressure to do more with less — turn more raw data into data insights - while managing an increasingly complex tech stack. Matillion’s newest features drive new possibilities for productivity across the enterprise. 

We’re laser-focused on helping you to achieve greater enterprise connectivity, data governance, and enhanced high and low code processes to help you streamline data operations, increase the impact of your data, and make confident data-driven decisions.

Get a first look at how your data team can achieve more with less effort:

  • Maximize enterprise connectivity with SAP, Workday, and Anaplan connectors that make ingesting data into your cloud data warehouse simple
  • Learn how to securely and seamlessly deliver trusted data across your organization using deep integrations with leading governance platforms like Alation, Collibra, ALTR, and MANTA
  • Leverage native governance tools that help you protect highly sensitive data with Snowflake Object Tagging
  • Empower your entire data team by taking advantage of flexible and diverse high-code and low-code tools such as dbt Core, Delta Live Table, and Run Notebooks Orchestration

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Molly Sandbo

Director of Product Marketing

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Ciaran Dynes

Chief Product Officer