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Accelerate your Databricks productivity with Matillion

  • Speed development with modular low-code / no-code design patterns
  • Leverage the power of the cloud with native push-down integrations for Delta Lake on Databricks
  • Easily scale with massive data volumes using elastic cloud computing
  • Control usage and costs with flexible consumption-based pricing
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Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks

Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks is purpose built to help you get the most out of your lakehouse environment.

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Designed for Delta Lake on Databricks

  • Integrates with Delta Lake on Databricks with platform-specific functionality and best practices
  • Enables more users to take advantage of the lakehouse with easy to use, no-code options for building data pipelines



  • Works with your existing cloud infrastructure for simple, scalable ETL within Databricks
  • Takes advantage of the speed, scale, extensibility, and performance of the cloud for processing

How it Works

Matillion ETL integrates with virtually any data source, ingests data into leading cloud data platforms, including Delta Lake on Databricks, and transforms data so it can be used by leading analytics and BI tools and synced back to the business.

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Get the most out of your Delta Lake lakehouse with Matillion ETL

Delta Lake on Databricks is optimized for speed and performance in handling both structured and semi-structured data types. It enables fast, scalable, and efficient data querying, as well improved reliability and lifecycle management.  Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks has the platform’s best practices baked in and adds specific functionality so you get the most out of your lakehouse environment.

Optimized for Delta Lake on Databricks

  • Take advantage of existing Delta Lake features, including ACID transactions, Schema enforcement, and Time Travel
  • Set guardrails for no-code data jobs via reusable building blocks and parameterized Shared Jobs

Transform data to insights

  • Perform powerful transformations to prepare data for for advanced analytics, machine learning, and data intelligence
  • Quickly access data for business intelligence, reporting, and visualization

Foster collaboration and data literacy

  • Create instantly shareable datasets for overlapping use cases
  • Bridge the gap between visual business logic rules and underlying SQL/Spark transformations with a graphical UI

Don’t just take our word for it


decrease in time spent on data prep

Uberflip reduced data prep from five weeks to one day, achieving near-real-time product data analysis
340 K

spend reduction

Travis Perkins cut $340k/yr of expenses by switching to Matillion

increased sales velocity

LiveRamp increased sales velocity by 50% with a centralized marketing analytics program