Matillion x AI

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Matillion is built to help you capitalize on the emerging trend of generative AI being a force multiplier in business. Be among the first to see these new capabilities in action and give feedback on how you use them to make your data more productive.

Augment your data integration with AI

The Data Productivity Cloud allows you to bring generative AI to bear on all parts of your data integration needs. Build AI directly into your pipelines, speed pipeline development, and even train your own large language model (LLM) with the power of the Data Productivity Cloud.


Incorporate LLMs into your pipeline builds, using prompt-based AI to perform complex integration tasks.


Automatically generate documentation, increasing data literacy and collaboration with a fraction of the time and effort.


Empower your data team with an AI co-pilot that can generate complex data pipelines from plain language prompts.

Data ops

Easily connect to and load Vector databases to keep LLMs updated with important context.

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Seamlessly consolidate data, accelerate workflows, and maintain accuracy

Investing in Matillion means acquiring a comprehensive data integration solution that can fit seamlessly within your existing tech stack. It delivers immediate value by helping data teams to centralize and transform data from any source into business-driving insights at speed. Matillion also ensures data security, cost-efficiency, and future relevance, while its rapid implementation and competitive edge empower data-driven decisions, contributing to a strong ROI for your business.