Welcome to the Data-Driven World

The value of data is rising exponentially. The cloud has fundamentally altered the way we manage and store that data.

Cloud computing is easy. Efficient. Scalable. Cost-effective. To leverage these capabilities to their full potential, you need tools designed for the modern computing landscape, built to handle unprecedented challenges and deliver extraordinary insights.

At Matillion, we make those tools.

Helping You Get Smarter, Faster

Our cloud-native ELT solutions give fast-growing, tech-savvy companies the speed and power they need to gain critical insights from their data in record time.

We’ve purpose-built our ELT products for the cloud data warehousing platforms we support: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. Recognizing that these platforms offer users unparalleled processing power in their own right, we create tools which take full advantage of their innate speed and performance to transform data within the cloud itself.

A Culture of Commitment

At Matillion, we think it’s important to be smart. Not only about the way we design and develop our products, but also about how we treat our team and our customers, and how we conduct ourselves with partners and investors.

We are committed to our customers, our people, and our products. Their collective well-being matters to us above everything else. Together, they inspire us to strive for greatness, drive innovation, and build a great culture.

Matillion is the only software company that offers purpose-built, native ELT solutions for cloud data platforms; our products provide greater speed for our customers as they develop the insights that power their organizations.

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