Building AI Pipelines: Doesn't Have To Be A Drag

Making It THAT Much Simpler with Matillion's Copilot and Snowflake Cortex

Matillion's Copilot is changing the way we create data pipelines. What’s Copilot? Copilot takes simple business statements (typed into the user interface) and automatically generates data pipelines off of these simple prompts. This tool helps users of all technical capabilities build even the most complex pipelines, eliminating the need for extensive knowledge of the underlying technologies. Copilot can now generate not only data engineering pipelines but also pushdown AI pipelines. And that on top of Snowflake Cortex components, it’s truly mindblowing what’s possible in a matter of seconds! 

Cyril Sonnefraud, Principal Product Manager, walks us through it! 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Copilot with Cortex components:

We’ll bring this to life with a scenario in which a travel company has collected hotel stay reviews and wishes to take advantage of this data operationally and analytically.

Here's the first review: 

Your company may receive reviews or comments in many different languages. They provide little value without bilingual individuals and a lengthy process to get them all interpreted and reviewed. But this is where Snowflake Cortex and Matillion Copilot can step in…

Step 1: Translate Reviews Ask Copilot to translate the content of reviews from French to English. Copilot will intelligently select the Cortex Translate component and add a new column with the translated reviews.

Step 2: Perform Sentiment Analysis Request Copilot to calculate the sentiment score of the reviews. It will add the Cortex Sentiment Analysis component to the canvas, generating a new column with sentiment scores. It contains a number from -1 to 1 indicating the level of negative or positive sentiment in the text.


Step 3: Generate Apologies Instruct Copilot to generate an apology paragraph for customers with negative sentiment scores below a specified threshold based on the content of their review. Copilot will add a filter component to restrict the records and a Cortex GenAI component to generate personalized apologies.

Using Copilot with Cortex components streamlines the pipeline creation process. By leveraging AI, Copilot empowers users to focus on business requirements rather than technical intricacies. This no-code approach democratizes data engineering making it accessible to a wider audience and saving valuable time and resources.

Want to see this live? Check out the full demo:


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About the Authors: 

Molly Sandbo 

Director Of Product Marketing 

Cyril Sonnefraud

Principal Product Manager