Cloud Migration Success with SDG Group, Matillion, and Snowflake

Welcome to the third installment of our new blog series, where we share real-world success stories of data engineering excellence from Matillion’s partner ecosystem. In this edition, we spotlight a recent triumph from our SI partner, SDG Group.  SDG Group is a leading global consultancy specializing in data, analytics, and AI solutions that facilitate better business decisions.

In this blog, we will showcase insights gleaned from how they leveraged Matillion and Snowflake to drive a seamless cloud migration for a leading pharmaceutical giant

Insights for Data Engineers:

Holistic Solution Approach: SDG's expert team identified key challenges in efficiency, scalability, and analytical feasibility, developing a comprehensive plan encompassing migration, data ingestion, transformation workflows, and robust change management practices.

  • Consideration: Prioritize a holistic approach when tackling complex data migration projects to address diverse challenges efficiently.

Cloud Migration Roadmap: SDG meticulously navigated through the phases of assessment, strategy, planning, and execution, ensuring alignment with business objectives, technical requirements, and risk mitigation strategies.

  • Consideration: Establish a clear roadmap with defined milestones and resource allocation to streamline the cloud migration journey effectively.

Data Ingestion Framework: Leveraging Matillion and Snowflake, SDG implemented a flexible data ingestion framework, enabling rapid ingestion, schema discovery, metadata-driven processes, and efficient 1:1 mappings.

  • Consideration: Invest in tools like Matillion for streamlined data ingestion, enabling seamless integration and transformation across diverse data sources.

Change Management Best Practices: SDG prioritized change management by identifying stakeholders, communicating effectively, assessing impact, providing comprehensive training, and implementing robust monitoring and support mechanisms.

  • Consideration: Proactively address change management challenges to ensure smooth transitions and maximize user adoption post-migration.

Data Governance Framework: SDG thoughtfully defined data governance objectives, identified key data assets, established quality standards, implemented automated monitoring, and focused on continuous improvement.

  • Consideration: Develop a robust data governance framework to ensure data accuracy, consistency, compliance, and alignment with organizational objectives.

Igniting Data Transformation and Innovation Beyond Boundaries with SDG Group, Matillion, and Snowflake 

The success story of SDG Group's cloud migration journey exemplifies the power of data engineering excellence; read the full success story here. By leveraging Matillion and Snowflake, they achieved remarkable performance gains, streamlined operations, and positioned the pharmaceutical organization for future growth in data analytics and AI. 

Here are the top results the pharma giant experienced:

  • Improved the overall refresh performance of the pharma organization’s data warehouse by a factor of 30x. 
  • Achieved significant gains in speed and performance of high-level analysis of patient claim data. 
  • Compressed the timeline for brand-specific market share analysis, reducing the time to completion from 7 days to 3 hours. 
  • Enabled Snowflake data sharing, which eliminated large file sharing from various source providers. 
  • Aligned the migration and new high-functioning data cloud with the organization’s overall corporate data management strategy, direction, and global data architecture. 

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