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Matillion launches Data Productivity Survey of Data Experts

Recent advancements in technology and computing have made data a more important factor than ever in making business decisions, measuring success, and strategizing toward the future. But an unprecedented amount of this data creates a burden for the experts tasked with collecting and transforming it.

These teams simply don’t have the time, bandwidth, or tools to perform these tasks efficiently while being able lay the groundwork from improving their processes for the future. But the more data organizations need, the greater the strain it puts on these experts to perform more work in less time.

Matillion surveyed 900 data practitioners and decision-makers in the United States and the United Kingdom to understand how this massive amount of data impacts the experts being asked to make it useful and usable. The results were compelling and signpost a significant rethinking of data strategy across industries.

Among the survey’s key findings:

  • Data teams are working overtime to perform these tasks in addition to their other work, with 90% reporting an increase in their workloads over the last year and 84% describing those workloads as beyond their capacity.
  • For nearly 40%, these data transformation tasks take between a day and a week to perform per ask.
  • Nearly 70% of these experts work for companies that use 50+ total data sources/tools for data transformation, which requires extra time to collect the information they need.
  • While 74% of respondents described themselves as being motivated about their jobs, more than a third admitted to feeling some level of burnout.
  • Low-code and no-code tools are a practical solution for companies looking to transform business-ready data that will alleviate the workload on data teams.

Read our full report here to learn more about how companies can put themselves in an excellent position to help advance their organizations and support their employees to perform at their best with data productivity.