Efficient, Effective
Data Loading

Extract and load batch data into your cloud data
platform—faster, easier, and without coding.

Matillion Data Loader has a simple user interface making data loading easy for analysts and engineers alike.

Patrick Hildreth, Senior Data Warehouse Lead, Cimpress

The data stack has evolved,
so should your data practices

Legacy data tools and old-school coding are getting
in the way of data productivity. Data teams need
solutions more suited for today's modern data stacks.

Legacy data integration
tools are complex and
difficult to use.

Hard coding a data pipeline
takes 4 weeks plus 2 weeks
maintenance per quarter.

When data pipelines
break, you have to drop
everything to fix them.

Delays in loading data cause
delayed decisions that can
impact the business.

But there's a better way. Matillion Data Loader is built for the modern data stack. It empowers data engineers, architects, and analysts to set up batch pipelines in minutes.

Matillion Data Loader
Batch Loading


Made data loading easier
for a wider community of
users with Matillion's intuitive,
wizard-based platform.


Build pipelines in just three
steps: select source,
choose destination, and
set frequency.


Generate the required
code to build robust data
pipelines, without having
to write and maintain it.

Batch + CDC

Unify batch and change
data capture pipelines
through a single,
SaaS-based platform.

How Matillion Data Loader CDC works

  1. 1. Select your data source and
    provide your access credentials.

  2. 2. Select your data destination and
    provide your access credentials.

  3. 3. Set the frequency of your
    batch loading job.

Matillion Data Loader will create all the code needed. Your batch pipeline will perform an initial data load, and begin incremental data loads according to the schedule you set.

Why Matillion Data Loader for
Batch Loading

Create no-code batch
pipelines in minutes

  • Create robust, secure batch data pipelines in minutes without writing a single line of code.
  • Build new data pipelines in three easy steps: simply provide your data source, destination, and set the frequency of your batch runs.

Easily load data from popular applications and databases

  • Quickly integrate new sources using an extensive inventory of pre-built, out-of-the-box data connectors.
  • Connecters include Salesforce, Facebook, Google Analytics, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Excel, Google Sheets, and more.

Stay on top of fixes, with pipelines that ‘self-heal’

  • Use “self-healing” pipelines that save time and keep data flowing, uninterrupted, from source to target.
  • Automatically adapt to schema changes and propagate them to the destination, without assistance from IT or the need to code.

Start for free and scale costs predictably

  • Load up to 1 million batch rows per month, for free.
  • As you scale, usage-based, tiered pricing comes into play, based on the number of rows loaded per month.
  • Pay less per row loaded as your volumes increase.

Unlock your data

Extract and load batch data into your cloud
data platform at scale, without coding, using
Matillion Data Loader.