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Extract and load operational data into your cloud
data platform in near-real time, without coding.

Using Matillion CDC, we unlock the ability to deliver complex insights significantly faster. This led to a 95% improvement in time-to-complete which is a real game changer for us.

Anup Doshi, CTO, Engage3

Operational data
demands more speed,
scale, and accuracy

Analyzing operational data quickly can make the
difference between success and failure. Waiting a
day or even an hour for data to arrive, only to find out
that some data changes may not have been
captured, is not a recipe for success.

Databases are not
optimized for complex
queries or analytics.

Operational data is
typically ingested by
snapshots or incremental
loading at specified times.

Multiple changes to the
same data in between
snapshots are not captured.

Slow and incomplete data
is unsuitable for modern
analytics use cases.

But there's a better way. Matillion Data Loader uses log-based CDC tocapture every change event as it occurs, with no impact to database performance. Data is securely delivered to its destination in near-real time.

Matillion Data Loader:
Change Data Capture

Complete, accurate, and

Capture operational database
changes as they occur for
complete, accurate, and timely
data loading to drive near-real
time analytics.

No-code CDC data

Set up and manage CDC
pipelines in three steps,
without coding, through an
intuitive, wizard-based SaaS

Keep your data secure

Keep your data and access
credentials secure to meet
data sovereignty policies
through our unique hybrid
SaaS architecture.

How Matillion CDC works

  1. 1. Configure your CDC Agent.
    The Agent runs in a container
    within your private cloud or on-
    premises data environment.

  2. 2. Create your CDC pipeline.
    Select the CDC Agent you want
    to use, and configure your pipeline
    with your source and destination

  3. 3. Deploy your CDC pipeline.
    Instruct your CDC Agent to
    perform an initial load, and then
    monitor your database log file,
    extract changes as they occur, and
    load them into cloud storage.

Once the data is in your cloud storage, you can use Matillion ETL to create analytics-ready data in your cloud data warehouse

Data Sources

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Db2 for IBM i (coming soon)

Cloud Storage

  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage

Data destinations using Matillion ETL

  • Snowflake
  • Delta Lake | Databricks
  • Amazon RedShift
  • Google BigQuery

Why Matillion Data Loader for
Change Data Capture

Capture every data change

Unlike point-in-time snapshots that may miss multiple data changes in between snapshots, Matillion CDC monitors low-level database change logs to capture every event as it occurs. You get complete, accurate, and timely data for near-real time analytics.

Put data in use immediately

Matillion CDC loads raw data in standard Avro format into your cloud storage* destination. This maintains an immutable history for audits, and enables data scientists and AI/ML modelers to use the data immediately to perfect their algorithms and models.

*Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage

Keep your data secure

Matillion CDC uses a containerized Agent, deployed in your private cloud or on-premises environment, to securely extract change data and load it into your cloud storage.

* Only configuration details, commands, and metadata are passed to or from Matillion. No data or access credentials are ever exposed outside of your firewall.

Adapt to source
schema changes

Keep data flowing through “self-healing” pipelines that automatically adapt to schema changes and propagate them to the destination, without assistance from IT or the need to code.

Get data
business-ready, fast

Once raw data is loaded, you can use Matillion ETL to transform your data for near-real time analytics. Build sophisticated data workflows through an intuitive ‘code optional’ interface, and quickly prepare data for consumption in your cloud analytics tools.

Unlock your
operational data

Extract and load operational data into your cloud data
platform in near-real time, without coding, with Matillion
Change Data Capture.