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Bringing Data Pipelines to the Enterprise with Matillion Data Loader 2.0



The enterprise data universe is expanding exponentially. What used to be a relatively small number of data sources has exploded to thousands of potential sources, and there is no end in sight. The average enterprise uses more than 400 different data sources in their analytics programs, and the top 20 percent of enterprises use more than 1,000. The diversity of data is also expanding and now includes a wide variety of types such as transaction data, logs, IoT, social media, audio/video, geospatial data, and many more. SaaS applications are also coming into the enterprise at an alarming rate. IDC predicts that the SaaS market will grow 75 percent by 2024. In the Martech space alone, there are over 8,000 SaaS technologies that can potentially feed data into, or receive data from, an enterprise analytics program.


Enterprise data teams need a new way to deal with the distribution, diversity, and dynamic nature of the expanding data universe. Legacy data tools struggle to keep up with hardware and software dependencies, and outdated paradigms that don’t integrate with leading cloud platforms. Data pipeline tools can’t keep up with the exploding number of API connections, nor establish relationships with vendors to provide enough pre-built connectors. Custom coding and open source solutions aren’t the answer either. It’s estimated that a single enterprise-grade connector takes 4-6 weeks of effort to create, and 1 week per quarter to maintain. Finally, most solutions do not support the enterprise need for security to protect large payloads of customer data to comply with a growing number of data regulations.


Failure to solve these challenges leaves real money on the table. It’s estimated that the average Fortune 1000 company can increase net revenue by $65M if data accessibility is improved by a mere 10 percent. McKinsey estimates that there can be a 60 percent improvement in operating margins by harnessing the full power and potential of enterprise data. Operational costs could be dramatically decreased simply by reducing the 57 percent of wasted time that data teams spend on data migration and maintenance.


Click, Click, Create


Matillion offers enterprises a solution to their ever growing data extraction and data integration challenges. Matillion Data Loader Version 2.0 (preview) is the only data loader that offers no-code connector creation, a single unified experience across batch and change data capture (CDC) pipelines, and a hybrid SaaS architecture that gives enterprises control to create high-security data pipelines at scale. 


As a Saas-based platform, Matillion Data Loader provides a simple, intuitive, wizard-based user interface that saves time and effort. Data teams can leverage pre-built connectors to most popular applications and databases. They can build batch and streaming CDC pipelines in minutes without worrying about coding or infrastructure. Once the pipelines are running, data teams can monitor and manage both batch and CDC pipelines from a single dashboard.


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Pre-built connectors that correct for schema drift


For batch pipelines, Matillion Data Loader provides dozens of pre-built data connectors, and new connectors can be configured in minutes. Once created, these connectors can be shared and downloaded from the open Matillion Exchange, further accelerating the pace at which teams can innovate with their data. Matillion Data Loader offers automatic schema drift correction to keep source and destination data stores in sync. Advanced scheduling capabilities and API-based automation provide the power and flexibility needed by enterprise data teams. 


Streaming change data capture (CDC) with queryable change logs


For streaming CDC pipelines, Matillion Data Loader provides a highly secure, hybrid SaaS architecture. Log-based, queryable historic change logs enable data teams to follow every update, going far beyond simple replication solutions to feed use cases like AI/ML model training, fraud detection, and real-time marketing campaigns. Matillion Data Loader also works hand-in-hand with Matillion ETL to give data teams powerful transformation and load capabilities to provide analytics-ready data to downstream analytics platforms.


Experience the full power and potential of enterprise data pipelines

Matillion’s vision is to provide universal data loading for the enterprise without coding. Matillion Data Loader Version 2.0, combined with Matillion ETL, puts the full power and potential of the data universe to use. Enterprises now have a highly secure, extensible, and unified data pipeline management platform to:

  • Empower the SaaS potential for enterprise by enabling data teams to easily integrate new sources as their organization adopts innovative SaaS applications
  • Unlock new data products by capturing and enriching data in analytics data stores for use in data-as-a-service applications
  • Accelerate analytics through quick and easy setup and maintenance of batch and change data capture pipelines, freeing data engineers and analysts to focus on strategic initiatives


Learn more about Matillion Data Loader 2.0

To learn more about Matillion Data Loader and the exciting features coming up in version 2.0, visit the Matillion Data Loader product page.


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