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How Adaptavist Empowers the Organization with Self-Service Analytics

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Adaptavist, a leading digital transformation consultancy, faced a common challenge - their teams continually faced a high demand for data to fuel analytics across multiple departments. As the company grew, the data team struggled to keep up with the increasing requests from various departments, hindering the organization's ability to make data-driven decisions at scale.

Recognizing the need for a solution, Adaptavist’s Callum O’Connor and his team embarked on a transformative initiative. The implementation of DaaP, or Data as a Product, is a strategic approach aimed to empower employees across the organization with the tools and resources they need in order to access, understand, and derive meaningful insights from raw data.

At the heart of this initiative is a combination of Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud for data preparation and Snowflake’s data platform for storage and compute. Adaptavist leveraged Matillion's intuitive, no-code interface to create a seamless self-service experience for its employees. Adaptavist’s DaaP users can access raw data directly, transform it, and create custom data models - all without the need for extensive technical expertise or reliance on the data team.

"Matillion is the key tool in this package that allows people to manipulate data at the speed of thought with no code. Matillion’s no-code design, intuitive interface, and collaboration centric architecture allowed us to get people set up and transforming data in a matter of minutes with very little support from the Data team."

The results internally have been remarkable. Every member of the data team now uses Matillion in their POC’s, and the demand for Data as a Product has expanded throughout the business rapidly, with 10% of the entire company expected to be onboarded and actively using Matillion within the year.



Adaptavist's embedded data analysts have embraced Matillion’s collaboration features to quickly explore ideas, debug logic at a component level, and create proofs of concept without investing significant time and effort.

The impact of Adaptavist's self-service analytics transformation has been far-reaching. The company has experienced a marked reduction in data-related bottlenecks, empowering employees across the organization to access and manipulate data at the speed of thought. This has led to increased data-driven decision-making, faster innovation, and a stronger sense of collaboration and community within the company.

"I know that we used to have hundreds of open tickets with wait times of several months before we moved to our new data platform and implemented DaaP. Now the only tickets we receive are for larger complex projects, or to be onboarded to DaaP. Wait times are in the region of days to weeks, not months."

Adaptavist's success story with Matillion serves as a testament to the power of self-service analytics in driving digital transformation and unlocking the full potential of an organization's most valuable asset - its data.

Matillion fits this gap perfectly; allowing people to transform data and create complex models, all with very little support needed from the data team. Callum O'Connor Senior Analytics Engineer| Adaptavist