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LSEG increases productivity with Matillion and Snowflake

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LSEG sought a single ETL solution to handle their vast data needs effectively. An overwhelming amount of data, and multiple tool-sets through various mergers and acquisitions hindered the quick onboarding of new resources and negatively impacted productivity.


The combination of Matillion and Snowflake allowed the data team to leverage all of Snowflake's features, swiftly meet business requirements and complete tasks efficiently with short development cycles.


  • New production pipelines delivered within a week instead of months.
  • Business insights delivered faster. 
  • Increased speed and efficiency. 
  • The ability to make faster data-led decisions.
  • More opportunity for innovation.
With Matillion, we can ramp up resources quickly, and the teams can deliver production pipelines within a matter of week. James Rawlinson Cloud Architect| London Stock Exchange Group