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Unifying Data Teams to Serve Evolving Business Needs at Schibsted

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Eliminated the need for extensive manual coding

Integrated data from a multitude of sources

Simplified business logic for agility in responding to evolving data requirements.


Schibsted had individual data teams working in silos with different data tools, processes and methodologies.


With over a dozen different source systems and diverse ingestion methods, Matillion emerged as the swiftest and most intuitive solution for orchestrating and scheduling complex data pipelines. Modular development allowed the ability to compose various flows for different use cases seamlessly. Schibsted eliminated the need for extensive manual coding by adopting Matillion. 


  • Schibsted reduced significant time and effort spent on manual coding, resulting in a highly efficient data team.
  • Eliminating the need to decipher complex SQL queries from previous developers, by using transformation jobs, boosted productivity among new team members
  • In-house developed security solutions, involving extensive Python scripting, were seamlessly integrated, contributing to the overall success of data operations.