Combine the agility of your cloud data warehouse with Matillion

The migration from an on-premise to a cloud-based data warehouse is fundamentally changing the way businesses manage and process data. A cloud data warehouse is now a key component of a modern data management strategy.

"Matillion is an excellent choice as a modern cloud data orchestration solution to pair with modern cloud data warehouse options like Snowflake, Redshift or BigQuery."
Data Practice Lead, InterWorks, Inc

Unlock the full value of your cloud data warehouse

Matillion allows you to transform your data into insights by:

Moving data into your chosen cloud data warehouse

Quickly processing large amounts of data to meet performance objectives

Ensuring that data in transit remains secure

Maintaining the ability to scale as your business grows

Modernize your data warehouse

Learn how to improve your business’s ability to be proactive, competitive, and agile in light of new data insights


Snowflake and Matillion were both purpose-built for the cloud, providing businesses with the ability to take advantage of the cloud’s massive parallel processing (MPP) capabilities to quickly process and transform data. Matillion ETL for Snowflake makes it easy to rapidly orchestrate and automate data loading and transformation.

Matillion is purpose-built to work with Amazon Redshift. Launched from the AWS Marketplace, you can migrate and continually load all of your data so you always have the data you need. Matillion also lets you take advantage of specific Amazon Redshift Spectrum features, including data partitioning, external schema set up, and Amazon S3 components.

Purpose-built for Google BigQuery, Matillion provides ability to quickly load and transform data within BigQuery. Matillion ETL visually orchestrates sophisticated data workflows with transactions, decisions, and loops. Matillion also works with other Google Cloud services such as Pub/Sub and Data Studio.

Enterprises use Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse to query data across sources, on-premises and cloud data warehouses, as well as Microsoft sources including Azure Blob and Azure Data Lake, to perform powerful transformations to enable advanced use cases like machine learning with formatted, validated data.

Accelerating time to insights

Accelerating time to insights

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