A more modern ETL process

ETL, or Extract-Transform-Load, solutions have been the mainstay of how companies moved data into the data warehouse to prepare it for data analytics. However, the migration from on-premise to cloud-based data warehouses is fundamentally changing the ETL process.

ELT, or Extract-Load-Transform, is a more modern approach to migrating, integrating and preparing data for data analytics. ELT means you extract data from the source, load it unchanged into a target platform – such as a cloud data warehouse – and then transform the data afterward to make it ready for use. By harnessing the power of the cloud, this new process overcomes many of the challenges of traditional ETL – such as complexity, inflexibility, low speed, and high cost.

Experience the difference of ELT vs. ETL

Purpose-built for cloud data warehouses, Matillion transforms the ETL process into a simple, fast, and affordable ELT process. Harnessing the power of the cloud, Matillion enables the ability to quickly transform data so you can gain insights from your data.

  • Quicker access to data

    With data transformed inside your cloud database, data is easy to audit, convenient to access immediately, and won’t disappear.

  • Greater flexibility

    ELT doesn’t require the same highly targeted and inflexible approach to extracting data from your sources as ETL, giving you the ability to apply transformations at a later stage.

  • Affordable scalability

    Cloud-based ETL platforms facilitate scalability in a cost-efficient manner when compared to on-premise ETL tools, which require adding, and managing, the appropriate infrastructure to scale.

  • Less labor-intensive process

    The traditional ETL process often requires scripting for some data types, which can be time-consuming and complex. Matillion’s intuitive user interface significantly reduces hand-coding.

  • Accelerated transformations

    When done inside a cloud environment, transformations can be broken down and executed in parallel across multiple instances, taking advantage of the infinite resources of the cloud and improving the speed of transformation.

  • Faster calculations

    With pre-built components that are easy to set up, calculations are made quick and easy, allowing you to specify SQL expressions that are compatible with target data warehouses. Legacy ETL tools performance may vary when dealing with large volumes.

Matillion supports a modern ETL process

As a cloud-native tool, purpose-built to support leading cloud data warehouse environments – Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Snowflake – Matillion supports the ELT approach, which lets you move data directly into your cloud data warehouse and then perform necessary transformation. With no hardware or software requirements, Matillion leverages the performance and scale of the cloud, making complex data transformation fast, secure, and cost efficient.

From ETL to ELT: The next generation of data integration success

From ETL to ELT: The next generation of data integration success

The rise of cloud computing in the realm of data warehouse has inspired changes to the traditional architectural principles of ETL. This ebook explains how a new approach, ELT, is unleashing unprecedented speed and capabilities for data-driven businesses.


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