Control your data security

With round-the-clock reports of data breaches and waning consumer confidence in companies’ ability to keep their data safe, data security should be one of your primary concerns. Building a cloud-based business intelligence architecture that has the security controls required for keep your data secure is a critical component to your overall data security strategy. In many instances, extracting, loading and transforming data with a legacy ETL tool means moving data outside your infrastructure, exposing you to unnecessary risk.

Make your ETL process more secure

Keep your data secure. Matillion ETL is a virtual machine image that deploys within the virtual environment of a customer's cloud data warehouse. This unique approach ensures that data remains secure and adheres with a customer's security policy, as set-up within the cloud data warehouse.

  • Less risk, more control

    When data transformation happens inside your own cloud infrastructure, you reduce the risk of a security breach on an outside server and maintain greater control over your data at all times.

  • Infrastructure-level security

    Our cloud-native solution keeps data safely inside your infrastructure throughout the ETL process, ensuring your data stays as secure as the security of your infrastructure.

  • Always in compliance

    Because all data transformation is done within your cloud data warehouse, your data never leaves the regulatory-compliant environment you've built, allowing you continue to meet any industry security requirements.

  • Secure, simple sign-on

    We provide support for secure single sign-on (SSO), enabling your users to get quicker access to your data without compromising security.

  • Permission-based access

    Give access to data on an as-needed basis through our permission-based data security feature. You get the flexibility to decide based on role exactly what level of access a user needs.

A better path to data security

Unlike other legacy ETL tools that move and hold data during the data extraction and transformation processes, Matillion ETL uses your cloud infrastructure and a virtual machine image within your cloud environment to stage and load data. This approach improves your data security by eliminating the need to move your data outside of your infrastructure during the ETL process. Instead, customer data remains in your control and as secure as your existing infrastructure, ensuring constant compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Security in the cloud: An enterprise CSO’s journey

Security in the cloud: An enterprise CSO’s journey

Join Kyruus CTO and CSO Chris Gervais and Matillion Principal Architect Arawan Gajajiva for this one-hour webinar, as they discuss how you can:

  • Determine your enterprise security needs
  • Apply the shared security responsibility model in the cloud to your business
  • Balance innovation and security to help your business stay competitive
  • Help ensure customer privacy while offering exceptional products and service

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