10 Minutes to Transcend: Try Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud for Free

Harnessing the potential of your data is the ultimate goal for data teams and Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud can make it possible. So why not sign up for a free trial to jump into the Data Productivity Cloud? Go from signup, to designing and running your own data pipelines in under ten minutes!

What you get with your free trial of Data Productivity Cloud

Matillion's free trial offers a hands-on experience of the tool's value:

  • 500 Free Usage Credits: Run pipelines to move, transform, and orchestrate data using 500 free usage credits.
  • Flexibility in Data Platforms: Choose between connecting your own data platform or using a Matillion-hosted Snowflake environment with demo data.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from dedicated guidance by Platform Specialists to navigate the trial effortlessly.

Get Started in Minutes!

Not only is the Data Productivity Cloud trial free, we’ve designed it to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The signup process is simple, and will have you building data pipelines in no time. Follow these simple steps to begin your trial:

1. Create your account. Navigate to hub.matillion.com to register. After choosing a password, you’ll be asked to verify your email address.

2. Create your profile. Here you’ll enter some basic information, including your name, job title, and contact information.

3. Set up your account. Your choice of region will help Matillion know where to process and, if need be, store your business data based on geographical closeness, legal jurisdiction, and other factors. Note that your region cannot be changed once chosen; if you wish to choose another region, you will have to create a new Hub account.

4. Choose your experience. You can let Matillion host your trial in a pre-built Snowflake environment or host your own trial in your own cloud environment.

If you choose to use a Matillion trial warehouse, great news - you’re done and ready to start your trial!

If you choose to connect your own warehouse, proceed to step 5.

5. Specify warehouse credentials. Here you can enter the account, username, and password information for the warehouse you’d like to use. You can also add additional environments later in your trial.

6. Select warehouse defaults. As a final step, you can preset defaults from your warehouse that you can apply to pipelines in your trial. These include role, warehouse, database, and schema.

With your trial set up, you can get started immediately and see what the Data Productivity Cloud has to offer, including:

  • Intuitive Interface: Matillion's code-optional interface lets both low- and high-code users seamlessly design and orchestrate data pipelines.
  • Pre-built Connectors: Access a comprehensive library of pre-built connectors to popular data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Amazon S3.
  • Git Integration: Collaborate effectively and maintain version control with Git integration, ensuring smooth teamwork.
  • Data Sampling: Preview live datasets and assess outcomes before committing time to complete transformations, optimizing efficiency.
  • Real-time Validation: Identify potential errors and minimize duplicated efforts with real-time pipeline validation.

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst to achieve data-driven success. With the complexities of data movement, skill diversity, and pipeline scaling addressed, data teams can unlock their true potential and turn raw data into strategic assets.

Try it for yourself

Ready to boost your data productivity? Dive into Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud with your free trial today!

Griffin Dassatti
Griffin Dassatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager