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Accelerate Matillion adoption and your data productivity with the new Matillion One Click solution from AllCloud

Businesses are relying on an ever-increasing amount of data to gain a competitive advantage, improve operations, and meet changing customer and regulatory expectations. This is fueled by a number of factors, including increased access to data through the proliferation of digital technologies, improved data analytics tools, increased competition, and changing customer expectations. This data is increasingly moving to the cloud due to potential cost savings, scalability, accessibility, security and agility offered by the cloud. Consequently, solutions that simplify and accelerate an organization’s ability to migrate its data to the cloud and extract value from that data have become vital components of a modern, cloud-driven data environment.   

However, extracting and loading data to the cloud from multiple sources and enriching and transforming that data to get it analytics and business-ready takes work. Without the right solution, this can require complex coding and extensive resources. As a result, varying skill levels, competing protocols and a mix of processes and platforms, keep modern data teams from delivering what the business needs. In fact, 75% of data teams believe that outdated migration and maintenance processes are costing their organizations time, productivity and money — at an annual price tag of up to $43.5 million. 

Matillion Data Productivity Cloud and the new Matillion One Click solution from AllCloud greatly simplify this process and help organizations be more productive with their data as they build a modern data stack in the cloud.   

Accelerate cloud innovation with AllCloud

AllCloud is a global cloud services company that provides organizations with tools and expertise to enable and transform their operations using cloud technology. AllCloud provides its customers with the following:

  • Expertise and experience derived from being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, and a Snowflake Premier Partner,
  • Customized solutions that meet the specific needs and goals of each organization, and
  • The resources they need to leverage cloud technologies and data analytics to increase their productivity and efficiency.

The Matillion One Click Solution from AllCloud

AllCloud is a Platinum Matillion Partner and recently launched its Matillion One Click solution to help organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud for data analytics programs. The solution is particularly useful for line-of-business leaders who may not realize the complexity of acquiring and preparing data for use in cloud data platforms. With the solution, they can accomplish this goal in weeks rather than months, reducing the amount required by up to 75%, and realize the benefits of their data analytics efforts more quickly. 

"Matillion enables data teams of all skill levels to deliver business-ready data, faster through cloud-native ELT (data extract, load, and transform),” said Laura Malins, VP of Product at Matillion. “It’s a win-win for us and our customers when a leading partner like AllCloud provides a solution that makes this process even easier for our customers.”  

The AllCloud Matillion One Click solution includes critical components that help organizations fully productize Matillion instances. These components include initial deployment and configuration, data pipeline setup and quality checks, promotion and development automation, and job, server, cost, and performance monitoring.  

The AllCloud Matillion One Click solution makes it easier and faster to set up and maintain data analytics programs in the cloud powered by Matillion.

  • Acquire data faster and at scale, saving you time and resources
  • Reduce time to production and realize the benefits of your data analytics efforts more quickly
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your Matillion investment

Be more productive with your data with Matillion and AllCloud

The Matillion Data Productivity Cloud allows data teams of all skill levels to deliver business-ready data through cloud-native ELT (data extract, load, and transform), helping turn raw data into useful information. Matillion provides:

  • Simplified data integration with a wide range of pre-built data source connectors and the ability to create custom connectors within minutes,
  • Enhanced data transformation with a drag-and-drop interface and low-code/no-code capabilities that make it easy to get your data enriched and consumable by leading analytics tools, and 
  • Increased productivity by accelerating cloud adoption and reducing the time and resources needed to get data business and analytics-ready.

“AllCloud accelerates our customers’ journey to the cloud across AWS, Salesforce or data analytics,” said Dave Taddei, SVP, Global Data and Analytics Strategy, at AllCloud. “AllCloud’s Matillion One Click solution greatly enhances our ability to provide clients with data that is business-ready so they may realize increased revenues, find new revenue streams, improve margins and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”  

Matillion and the AllCloud Matillion One Click solution help businesses unlock the value of the cloud and accelerate innovation. Learn more about the AllCloud One Click Solution for Matillion.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado