Flex Connectors in the Data Productivity Cloud

Data is everywhere, which means pulling it together quickly and easily is both increasingly important and increasingly difficult. With hundreds of applications and databases powering even the smallest of startups, connecting to every single source of data is a daunting task, especially if your tool or tools of choice don’t have a pre-built connector for the source system you’re looking for. 

With Flex Connectors, Matillion is looking to solve this very problem.

What is a Flex Connector?

A Flex Connector is a connector custom-built for your use case. The process is simple: you specify the data source and objects you’d like to connect to Matillion, and we build you a connector that fills your needs. Flex Connectors are delivered fast and easy for you to edit, meaning you can update them as your use case evolves.

How does a Flex Connector differ from any other Matillion Connector?

At its core, a Flex Connector looks just like any other Matillion data source. Users will be able to choose the connector that they wish to use in the Data Productivity Cloud, just as they would with the rest of their sources, with the ability to modify the source to fit their use case. Flex connectors will, however, require slightly more knowledge of the data source in order to customise their data selection based on the API specifications.

How can I request a new connector?

If you can’t find a connector you’re looking for, Matillion may be able to build you a Flex Connector that fits your use case. Please work with your Matillion point of contact to submit a request for a connector. We’ll evaluate your needs, and if we think a Flex Connector is the right solution, we’ll build it for you!

What connectors have you developed thus far?

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