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Introducing the Matillion + Hakkōda FHIR Data Loader for Snowflake

FHIR (“Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources”) is a specification for exchanging healthcare information electronically. It defines a set of rules and formats for exchanging data between different systems and has been designed to be both human- and machine-readable.   FHIR is the future of healthcare data interoperability, and the FHIR Data Loader Powered by Matillion and Hakkōda is the simplest way to get FHIR data business-ready in Snowflake. With an easy-to-use interface, you can extract data from any FHIR server or Electronic Medical Record (“EMR”) service and load it into Snowflake in minutes.   Once loaded into Snowflake, FHIR data is transformed using Matillion ETL and the Hakkōda FHIR Starter Snowpark Accelerator.  Together, Matillion and Hakkōda provide the ability to have fully structured FHIR data.  This enables faster analytics by removing the manual complexities required to get the data business-ready,  strengthening data-driven decisions and actions, and ultimately leading to superior value-based care and better patient outcomes.  

Current Challenges

FHIR is a set of unique resources which contain data elements and links to relevant information about an individual (patient) and their care. The wide variety and combination of resources can be difficult to map, making it challenging to feed data into upstream data models. Data teams also struggle to extract the most critical data, as  FHIR data is stored as semi-structured data, making it burdensome to integrate with existing data sources and systems.    Overall, the challenges with getting FHIR data ready for the business stem from a lack of understanding of FHIR, its resources, and how to extract value from the dataset.  

The Solution, Value Drivers + Capabilities

The FHIR Data Loader from Matillion and Hakkoda is a solution that simplifies the process of extracting value from  FHIR  in Snowflake. Matillion's easy-to-use interface reduces the time and effort required to hand-code the process, and the tool's ability to seamlessly handle the flattening of FHIR data eliminates the need for expensive custom processes. The virtually infinite compute resources of Snowflake power the transformation of the data to quickly unpack FHIR bundles, regardless of resource structure. The data is then easily loaded into a fully structured format from dynamically generated schemas based on the data. This provides organizations with the ability to use and share the right datasets for the right applications. The ultimate result is better patient outcomes.   FHIR Data Loader brings a number of value drivers and capabilities to healthcare organizations. These include the ability to load data from a variety of sources, like Electronic Health Records (“EHRs”), clinical data warehouses, and health information exchanges. The FHIR Data Loader comes with hundreds of pre-built data connectors and the ability to build your own custom connectors. The FHIR Data Loader also supports a number of data formats for enriching FHIR data, including AVRO, CSV, JSON, ORC, PARQUET, and XML In addition, it offers several features that make it easier to load data into an FHIR repository, including the ability to map data fields, support for FHIR search criteria, and the ability to load data in real-time or batch mode, with support of the FHIR Bulk Data format.  

  • CONTINUOUS LOADING: Connect directly to FHIR servers using Matillion APIs, and Flatten FHIR resources to primitive values in a specified schema in Snowflake. 
  • LOW-CODE ARCHITECTURE: Remove the complexities of manual coding processing and scale faster with Matillion, accelerating time-to-value through reuse and standardization.
  • TRANSFORM FHIR INTO STRUCTURED TABLES: Unlock the full potential of FHIR with a complete structured format using FHIR Starter from Hakkōda directly from Matillion.
  • ELIMINATE DEPENDENCY: Future-proof your clinical data pipeline to be FHIR version agnostic as standards evolve. 

More information on our partner, Hakkōda

Hakkōda is an Elite Snowflake Partner SI and managed service provider that helps you get your data house in order and keep it that way, so you can use it to create the next big thing. We provide the talent you need, in a model that works the way the cloud works, so you can move faster and build for tomorrow. With scalable teams of Snowflake specialists and on-demand onboarding, governance, enablement, and training, Hakkōda helps you navigate the shift from human to machine decisioning so you can realize the entire value and power of your data sooner. Wherever you are on your data journey, Hakkōda’s got your back. Follow the banner below to see more about the Matillion, Hakkoda, and Snowflake solution.  

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado