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Transitioning to a Modern Data Environment: A Matillion Success Story

In a world where data solutions are crucial, Matillion stands out as a game-changer. This is the sentiment echoed by Ed Coronado, a principal data solution architect at Wavicle Data Solutions in Chicago. With over 25 years of experience in data architecture, engineering, and consulting, Ed's encounter with Matillion in 2016 marked the beginning of a transformative journey. This blog delves into a compelling success story of how Wavicle and Matillion revolutionized how a Fleet Management and Leasing Solutions client operates, unlocking many positive outcomes.


The client, an established leader in Fleet Management and Fleet Leasing Solutions with over sixty years of experience, encountered significant hurdles due to exponential growth. Scaling operations to meet high demand and overcoming supply chain challenges became imperative for sustained success, revealing the inadequacy of the existing data infrastructure anchored in SQL Server SSIS. This deficiency led to users losing trust in incomplete data, making standardized reporting elusive and amplifying the urgency of addressing compliance with regulatory standards.

Client’s Objectives and Requirements 

  • Leverage their extensive data set to maintain their competitive edge in the market. 
  • Demonstrate strong financial standing to their investors and their internal teams. 
  • Adhere to strict regulatory standards in their industry.
  • Streamline their data infrastructure and standardize pipelines and reporting for faster insights to derive true value from their data.
  • The transition from their existing SQL Server SSIS reporting landscape to Power BI, fostering enhanced flexibility and scalability. This transition aims to afford end-users seamless access to critical data.
  • Embark on a progressive journey toward a modern data environment to facilitate continued organizational growth. 

Matillion’s Transformative Impact 

Pre-Matillion Landscape 

The initial integration phase revealed a complex scenario where data from SQL Server databases, API-connected sources, Salesforce Solution data, and raw CSV files landed in Snowflake through another ETL tool. As data volumes surged, the existing tool struggled, delivering incomplete and unreliable data. Trust eroded, standardized reporting faltered, and the client was at a crossroads. 

Harnessing Matillion’s Power

In the first phase of Matillion integration, two developers meticulously transitioned existing jobs from SQL Server to Snowflake. Matillion effortlessly connected to databases, exported, and transformed data, setting the stage for the next phases. The success of this phase prompted the green light for the second phase, where Matillion’s potential shines even brighter.

The second phase witnessed the creation of specific data marts within the data warehouse. Simultaneously, developers from the client's team rode shotgun, quickly grasping Matillion’s drag-and-drop simplicity and realizing its potential to expedite development. Over the next few months, several jobs and stored procedures migrated seamlessly, data validation improved, and the client maintained productivity with a small core team.

The final integration phase showcased Matillion’s prowess in automating stored procedures, ensuring regular data transformation into Snowflake. Advanced auditing, notifications, and alerts elevated data governance. KPIs surfaced, empowering senior leadership with insights into the data landscape marking a pivotal shift from a distant dream to a tangible reality.

Matillion’s Ongoing Influence 

With Matillion's intervention, the client achieved these milestones in approximately six months. The success has resounded, prompting the client to consider adding more data sources to Snowflake and leveraging Matillion’s expanding features. The client is now contemplating decommissioning their prior ETL tool, a testament to Matillion’s seamless integration and ease of use.

In this journey, Matillion addressed immediate challenges and fostered a shift in mindset. Initially wary of Linux, the client embraced it comfortably with Matillion's support. The client envisions a future where Matillion plays a pivotal role, facilitating the addition of new data sources, enabling dynamic adjustments to instance sizes, and even contemplating transforming landed data into deliverable data products.


The success story of the Fleet Management client stands as a testament to the transformative power of Matillion and Wavicle. From overcoming immediate challenges to envisioning a future steeped in data-driven innovation, Matillion has become an indispensable ally in the client's digital transformation journey. This narrative underscores the importance of choosing the right tools in the evolving landscape of data solutions, where Matillion emerges as a tool and a catalyst for positive change. 

About Wavicle: 

Wavicle Data Solutions provides award-winning cloud data and analytics solutions that accelerate value, reduce risk, and empower our clients to make smart, data-driven decisions. We combine deep technical expertise and industry knowledge with proprietary automation tools to support the rapid shift to modern data architectures and real-time insights. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Chicago, Wavicle has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 company four years running and is a multi-year recipient of the Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplace award. Wavicle is also an NMSDC-certified MBE. For more information, visit

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