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Maximizing Matillion: Real-world Insights into Elevating Data Productivity

Understanding the real value that can be achieved with a modern data pipeline solution like Matillion is, of course, crucial for every organization considering options for its data integration needs. In the second blog of our four-part series on the Total Economic Impact (TEI)™ of Matillion, we explore real examples from our customers, highlighting the unique benefits they have experienced.

Streamlining Data Engineering: Saving Time and Boosting Productivity

According to our 2024 commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Matillion, data engineers using Matillion Data Productivity Cloud saved 70% of their time managing and maintaining pipelines with the platform. This significant time-saving allows data engineers to focus on more value-added activities, such as building complex data models, refining machine learning algorithms, and harnessing the power of AI for innovative projects.

“I’m now willing to take on more ambitious data projects. If we didn’t have a modern data stack, I would never start fine-tuning our own large language model[...]The work required to get the data ready to do that would have been an absolute nightmare.” - Data scientist, financial services, from The Total Economic Impact™ of Matillion 2024

Meeting Growing Demands: Alleviating Increased Workloads

As the pressure on data teams continues to rise, particularly with the adoption of AI technologies, the need for streamlined pipelines and efficient data workflows is critical. Research conducted by Vanson Bourne reveals that 90% of data experts seek solutions to cope with the challenges posed by fragmented pipelines and overwhelming business demands.

“We often hear colleagues say, ‘With automatic ETL processes and data extraction powered by Matillion, we don’t have to do these 3-hour manual tasks’ [...]. They can use their time for more valuable tasks like understanding data, adjusting prices, or finding more targeted retention campaigns.” - Data engineer European Travel Services Company, from The Total Economic Impact™ of Matillion 2024

Matillion alleviates the manual workload associated with ETL. With native integrations to popular cloud data platforms like Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery, it simplifies the integration process, allowing data teams to focus on delivering valuable insights and driving business growth.

Matillion in Action

We have discussed the value of Matillion in the context of the TEI study, but what about standalone examples? Here are some separate case studies of successful Matillion implementations demonstrating the tangible value our platform brings to diverse use cases.

Cisco leveraged Matillion to consolidate and simplify its data integration processes, with an 85% reduction in ETL spend, 

DocuSign experienced enhanced data visualization and governance, launching their entire infrastructure on Matillion in two days. 

Slack streamlined data movement and transformation processes, shortening the time to deliver critical revenue metrics from six hours to 30 minutes 

TUI turned to Matillion to centralize its data sources and started delivering business results within two days.

Why we believe Matillion Stands Out

Matillion's unique value proposition goes beyond streamlining data integration processes. The platform enables data engineers and teams to save time, enhance productivity, and deliver better business outcomes. With real examples from customers spanning various industries, the benefits are clear: increased data engineer productivity, accelerated time-to-value, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved operational profits.

Download the Forrester Study now to uncover the full potential of Matillion and learn how it can transform data integration processes here.