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Elevate Your Data Game With Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud

Getting the most out of your business data is key to success. But with budgets shrinking as demand for data grows, the obstacles to data success are getting harder and harder to overcome. Data teams need to maximize their current stack and resources, and Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is here to help.


Challenges data engineers typically face

The rapidly increasing demand for data can often exacerbate challenges that data engineers have wrestled with for years. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Siloed data integration processes: Using one tool for data extraction, another for loading, and a third for transformation can quickly create a siloed operation with bottlenecks that can slow data’s flow from source to destination.
  • Reliance on high-code solutions: Many legacy tools require a lot of technical expertise and institutional knowledge. This can leave less technical team members unable to contribute, leaving their more technical counterparts overworked because even the most basic tasks require their skills and knowledge.
  • Manual pipeline maintenance: Building pipelines using manual coding makes it difficult to identify and fix issues with data pipelines. This can slow down data integration and reduce the data team’s ability to adapt and scale.

Meet these challenges head-on with Matillion

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud helps you build and manage pipelines to make your data business-ready, faster. It can help you overcome the challenges facing modern data engineers:

  • Extract, load, and transform, all in one place: Matillion lets you combine all of your data integration tasks in one place, reducing the potential for bottlenecks and making it easy to manage the entire operation.
  • Make data integration a task for everyone: A user-friendly interface means anyone can easily build and manage data pipelines, regardless of coding ability or preference. More data engineers mean your most technical resources can focus their efforts on maintaining pipelines and keeping data flowing.
  • Build on a platform built to scale with you: Matillion’s PipelineOS dynamically scales containers, efficiently distributing tasks across multiple stateless containers to match the data workload. This ensures that you only use and pay for the resources necessary, empowering you to work faster with the full capabilities of the cloud.

What you get with the Data Productivity Cloud

These solutions sound great, but what’s under the hood? Here are some of the core features that make the Data Productivity Cloud such a powerful tool for data engineers:

  • Matillion Hub: The Hub is your all-in-one control center, making it easy to track and manage all of your pipelines in one place. Schedule pipeline runs, monitor their performance, and delve into real-time task logs. It's your mission control for streamlined data operations.
  • User-friendly Designer: Matillion's low-code Designer empowers anyone in your organization to build and manage data pipelines, regardless of coding expertise. Integrations with GitHub and existing DevOps tools make it easier for team members to collaborate, ensuring everyone can contribute to data integration work.
  • Connectors library: Matillion's library of pre-built connectors streamlines data integration, making it effortless to pull in data from any source. If you can’t find the connector you’re looking for, you can easily build your own connection to any RESTful API with Matillion’s Custom Connector.

Get the most out of your data with Matillion

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud transcends traditional data management hurdles. With a user-friendly design environment and unlimited scale, Matillion empowers your data team to excel. 

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Griffin Dassatti
Griffin Dassatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager