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Simplifying Complex Data Architecture with Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud

Data engineers and analysts understand the power of a streamlined data integration and transformation process. A good solution facilitates quick setup, seamless collaboration, and agile decision-making. However, the reality of managing complex, parallel pipelines, manual scripts, and execution containers can turn your data journey into a challenging obstacle course. Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud offers easy deployment and user-friendly pipeline management to simplify your data platform architecture and life.


Pipelines that scale with you

At the heart of the Data Productivity Cloud is Matillion’s PipelineOS, utilizing microservice agents to move and scale data pipelines automatically, eliminating the need for constant intervention. This lets you capture the full power of the cloud to move and transform your data with a platform that seamlessly scales up or down as needed.

Deploy however you’d like

Choosing the right deployment matters just as much as choosing the right solution. Matillion gives you the freedom to optimize your deployment with two options. 

  • With our Full SaaS deployment option, Matillion handles all the infrastructure setup and hosting for you, freeing you up to build and manage pipelines immediately. 
  • The Hybrid SaaS deployment option brings Pipeline OS into your existing stack, which is perfect for organizations requiring more control over their stack or having specific data sovereignty requirements.

Build and manage pipelines with confidence

Regardless of your deployment preference, Matillion’s decoupled architecture makes it easy for teams to build and manage data pipelines while maintaining data security and control.

In the Control plane, teams can move, transform, and orchestrate data in a user-friendly interface that caters to all technical preferences, including a low-code drag-and-drop experience and scripting in Python or SQL.

This is separated from the Data plane, where data is processed by cloud-hosted agents. This architecture is key because it means data never leaves the environment, allowing you to maintain a strong security posture.

Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is purpose-built to overcome data engineers and analysts' challenges. Its flexible deployment options, user-friendly interface, and secure two-level architecture make it a standout solution for simplifying data management.

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Griffin Dassatti
Griffin Dassatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager