Navigating the Matillion Associate Certification: A Personal Account

The technology world is characterized by its rapid evolution and boundless innovation, fostering an environment of constant advancement and opportunity. Having the ability to distinguish yourself becomes paramount. One effective means of achieving this distinction is by acquiring certifications, which demonstrate expertise in specialized areas and signify a commitment to ongoing learning and growth within the ever-expanding world of technology. Matillion, recognizing this significance, provides two distinct certifications. 

  1. Matillion Associate Certification 
  2. Matillion Practitioner Certification 

Matillion Associate Certification Overview 

Launched in early 2022, the Matillion Associate Certification is a testament to your proficiency, measured through a 35-question multiple-choice exam completed within a 60-minute timeframe. This online examination, valid for three years upon successful completion, is a pivotal milestone in your journey with Matillion. Content topics within the exam include Orchestration, Transformation, Matillion ETL Basics, and Project Menu.

While Matillion extends various preparation and practice resources, Prabhjot’s narrative offers a first-hand perspective on completing this certification. 

Prabhjot’s Experience: 

Embarking on the journey to achieve the Matillion Associate Certification, I found the process to be remarkably smooth and quick. Contrary to expectations, the setup was not challenging, further emphasizing the user-friendly nature of the certification process. This experience underscores my familiarity with Matillion and highlights the accessibility and ease of their certification process. Through my blog, I aim to share these insights, providing aspiring individuals with a firsthand account of the straightforward path to obtaining the Matillion Associate Certification by reviewing the benefits, process, and recommended tips.

Benefits of Certification: 

Becoming certified with Matillion offers many benefits, such as

  • Recognition: This certification sets you apart within the professional community, signifying your commitment to excellence through additional training. You enhance your professional brand by becoming an expert in your field and obtaining accreditation. Displaying this achievement on your CV and LinkedIn profile further bolsters your visibility and reputation.
  • Confidence Boost: Matillion certification instills the confidence that you possess the expertise to navigate all aspects of ETL with Matillion. The examination, covering various topics and questions, serves as a comprehensive test of your knowledge across various topics, affirming your capabilities.
  • Expanded Job Opportunities: Adding Matillion certification to your resume showcases a valuable skill set that can unlock new career avenues. Setting yourself apart from peers in the field, this certification becomes a key differentiator, making you more appealing to prospective employers and increasing your chances of excelling in your career.

Who can take the certification? 

  • Data Engineers
  • ETL / ELT Developers
  • Data Analysts 
  • Solution and Data Architects 

Prabhjot’s Exam Preparation Advice: 

Matillion offers an extensive array of resources to support your exam preparation. The Matillion Academy offers courses tailored to enhance your understanding of the technology, equipping you with essential knowledge. The Matillion Documentation website delivers detailed articles covering all aspects of Matillion ETL. Additionally, insightful blogs serve as a user-friendly guide for expanded knowledge. Beyond these, Matillion’s Documentation YouTube channel provides tutorials, how-to’s, and information about new features to aid your preparation further. 

How to take the exam: 

1. Register here

2. Click ‘Register for an Exam’ 

3. Choose a convenient date and time for yourself, then take a moment to read through the instructions and terms and conditions. After this step, you will be directed to pay a certification fee. 

4. Two days before the exam, you will receive a reminder email.

5. Once you pass the examination, you will see it listed in the same portal under ‘My Assessment.’ 

Quick tips from Prabhjot:

  • Thoroughly review the Matillion documentation.
  • When reading blogs, try implementing the concepts in the Matillion interface to understand the context better.
  • Start with content that carries the maximum weight.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Matillion GUI, as some questions may directly relate to the project menu.
  • Examine Matillions available resources.
  • Practice using Matillion by creating a few jobs on your own.
  • Contact certified personnel for additional encouragement; you can contact our certified team, CloudEQS, via LinkedIn (
  • The questions might be straightforward, but they could be presented in a way that challenges your critical thinking.
  • Regularly check your email inbox for any updates from Matillion regarding the examination.
  • Ensure your setup (hardware and software) is ready in advance to avoid last-minute stress.

Interested in becoming a part of the Matillion Academy? Start your journey of becoming certified here

Prabhjot Kaur Thind
Prabhjot Kaur Thind

Software Engineer

Prabhjot Kaur, an accomplished software engineer with a robust skill set, specializes in data engineering with expertise in SQL, Snowflake, and Matillion. She actively contributes to significant technical projects and excels in ETL, data testing, and analysis. Beyond projects, she shares knowledge through technical content creation, showcasing her ability to articulate complex concepts.