Simplifying Data Budgeting with Matillion’s Consumption-Based Pricing

Building a budget for your data operation can feel like navigating a black box. Traditional pricing models are often based on unpredictable or variable factors like rows processed or build time, making it difficult to plan effectively. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time worrying if you’re getting what you’re paying for and more time actually seeing value from your data platform?


Simple, Consumption-based Pricing with Matillion

With Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud, you can confidently build and manage data pipelines and only pay for what you use. Unlike many competitors, Matillion offers a pricing model that is refreshingly simple, transparent and consumption-based. With Matillion, you pay only for what you use, bringing unprecedented clarity to your data budget.

How It Works

Matillion bills are based on Task Hours within a specific pipeline, eliminating charges for uptime or rows processed. This straightforward approach means you only pay for the tasks performed.

This pricing model means your Matillion usage scales with you, accommodating unlimited users, environments, projects, agents, and processing scale. And Matillion doesn’t hike prices based on your configuration choice. Whether you opt for full SaaS or a hybrid deployment, enjoy transparent pricing at no extra charge.

Keep Track of Task Hours all in One Place

Not only is Matillion’s pricing model easy to understand, it’s also easy to track! You can view all your data tasks and pipelines through Matillion’s observability dashboard. Track Task Hours at a granular level across your business, giving you the power and control to budget according to your needs.


Simplify your data budgeting woes with Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud. Embrace a consumption-based pricing model that aligns with your actual usage, providing unprecedented control and transparency. Matillion helps you get the most out of your data faster by eliminating hidden charges and offering clarity and flexibility.

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Griffin Dassatti
Griffin Dassatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager