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There’s a Better Way: Build and Manage Data Pipelines Faster

The need for efficiency and productivity in data engineering has never been greater. As data volume, complexity, and demand continue to increase, traditional approaches to building and managing data pipelines have become time-consuming and resource-intensive. 

We see data engineers facing the same pain points time and time again. When it comes to building and managing data pipelines, manual coding, legacy integration tools, and inadequate documentation make the development process overly complex and error-prone. Troubleshooting becomes challenging, resulting in wasted time, delayed projects, and increased frustration.

The financial implications of these challenges are substantial, impacting the bottom line and hindering organizations' overall growth and competitiveness.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Matillion

Recognizing these challenges, Matillion commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment of productivity gains achieved by data engineers using the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud. The results highlight how Matillion streamlines data engineering processes with a comprehensive cloud data pipeline solution.

Key Findings

For the purposes of the study, Forrester aggregated five interviewees’ experiences and combined the results into a single composite organization. Here’s a small taster of the benefits highlighted: 

  • 60% - time saved building data pipelines
  • 70% - time saved managing and maintaining pipelines
  • 60% - time saved fulfilling data requests
  • 271% - return on investment (directly attributable to data engineering)

Unquantified benefits

Significant savings. But what about the intangible advantages that are crucial for driving better decision-making, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and accelerating time-to-insights? We’ve got you. The study also found that Matillion helped foster a stronger data culture with improved data governance, enhanced data visualization, and increased business team effectiveness.

"After the investment in Matillion, the interviewees’ organizations realized data engineer and data analyst productivity improvements, cost savings, and broader business impacts driven by more data pipelines, quicker insights, and enhanced data accessibility." - The Total Economic Impact Of Matillion™, 2024

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. The purpose of the study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Matillion on their organizations. We believe there’s a better way to optimize your productivity and unlock the full potential of your data infrastructure.

Download the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Matillion here.

Matillion is here to help you build and manage data pipelines faster, enabling your team to focus on what truly matters – driving insights, innovation, and business growth.