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Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Matillion

The data integration landscape is filled with different tools and techniques for data engineers, so it’s important to know that your investments pay off and make an impact. That’s why in 2024 Matillion commissioned Forrester Consulting, part of a leading global research and advisory firm, to conduct a study examining the potential return on investment of enterprises deploying the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud. 

Here's a glimpse into the valuable insights unearthed by Forrester through in-depth interviews with industry experts:

  • 60% - time saved building data pipelines
  • 70% - time saved managing and maintaining pipelines
  • 60% - time saved fulfilling data requests

In addition, the study uncovers several unquantifiable benefits such as stronger data culture, easier employee retention, ease and speed of learning, improved governance, and overall increased business team effectiveness and productivity. 

Learn how you can build and manage data pipelines, faster, to accelerate data delivery and increase your team’s productivity. Download the study to see the return on investment for Matillion.

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