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Matillions Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Work and Why It's Important

At Matillion, our primary focus is on cultivating a company culture that authentically embodies our values. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can confidently embrace their true selves. This commitment extends to our ongoing initiatives aimed at prompting diversity and ensuring that every individual thrives within the Matillion community. 

We have introduced a variety of measures for this, including;

  • Inclusive recruitment processes 
  • Ensuring language is free of gender bias by using a gender decoder 
  • Launched a new parental leave policy 
  • Celebrated cultural days through a variety of lunches and learns, educational materials, guest speakers, and themed food! These have included Black History Month, Diwali, Ramadan and Eid 
  • We hosted a company-wide global panel featuring a diverse group of women from Matillion and compiled a document showcasing the volunteering voices of Matillion women, both in celebration of this year's International Women's Day

Eid Al-Fitr Celebration Lunch

A company-wide global panel of Matillion women for Internation Womens Day

Why do we do all this? It is, of course, morally right and aligns with our core values, especially our dedication to working with integrity and caring for others.

However, there is also a strong business case for this

  • Whilst it aligns with our values, it also serves as a magnet for top talent, as evidenced by an Ernst and Young survey, which found that 63% of respondents prioritized DEIB efforts when evaluating potential employers, with even higher numbers among younger generations. 
  • The research underscores the tangible benefits of fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace: 
  • Employees with a strong sense of belonging are seven times more likely to report high productivity and take 75% fewer sick days than employees who feel excluded.
  • Furthermore, a study by McKinsey & Company found that companies with the highest ethnic and cultural diversity on executive teams outperformed those in the fourth quartile in profitability by 36%.

By focusing on DEIB, we not only enrich our team but also gain valuable insights into various customer segments, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Given that our customers come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, having a more diverse team helps us better relate to the wider global customer base. 

DEIB also fosters creativity and innovation through Diversity of thoughts. When a team consists of individuals from various backgrounds, they bring a multitude of perspectives to the table that can generate more innovative ideas. 

Many customers now look into a company’s corporate social responsibility and how they are upholding their values. Some consumers view organizations that champion DEIB favorably; demonstrating a commitment to DEIB can enhance our reputation and build trust in the market. 

Mel Mortin
Mel Mortin

Talent Acquisition