Streamline Your Data Movement with The Data Productivity Cloud

Understanding the challenges associated with moving data seamlessly across various sources and destinations is a constant topic of discussion with our customers . The demanding tasks of custom coding integrations to multiple sources, managing complex database replication and dealing with ever-changing pipeline requirements requires valuable resources and often hinders the ability to act immediately on emerging business opportunities.

The Data Productivity Cloud helps to address all your data movement challenges. Read on for a quick summary of how.


Simplify Data Movement

Offering a vast library of over 150 pre-built connectors, including popular sources like SAP, Workday, and Salesforce. You can leverage JDBC drivers to connect to unsupported databases, easily access your data from various sources and ensure data security through Matillion Agents.

Automating Chaotic Pipelines and Data Flows 

Combining batch loading and change data capture (CDC) capabilities, the unified user interface can handle diverse data loading scenarios. Allowing you to create custom connectors effortlessly, while streamlining data integration processes- whether it’s SAP, Oracle, Netsuite or any designed data source.

Creating Pipelines in Minutes

Using our wizard-based 3-step process, setting up batch data pipelines takes minutes. The platform generates the underlying code for a robust pipeline, eliminating the need for manual coding. Activities like schema drift and table selection are simplified, enabling you to be efficient with business opportunities.

Managing Complex Database Replication

Complex database replication through parallel processing (batch loading) and log-based methodologies (CDC) are streamlined. Capturing all changes in operational databases in real-time, enhancing visibility and ensures up-to-date information for analytics. It supports use cases like cloud migration, operational analytics, fraud detection, and AI/ML, all within a user-friendly, SaaS or hybrid platform.

Effortless Custom Connector Integration

The custom connector feature allows you to connect to any application without the need for scripting complicated Python functions. You can effortlessly access additional data sources and swiftly utilize the data within your workflows with a no-code open REST API. Custom connectors are easily managed and seamlessly integrated in Matillion Hub.

Maximizing Your Data’s Potential

The Data Productivity Cloud empowers data engineers and practitioners to simplify and automate data movement tasks. Enabling you to focus on deriving insights from your data rather than struggle with integration challenges. By providing a wide range of pre-built connectors, streamlined pipeline creation, complex database replication management, and effortless custom connector integration. 

Get started in minutes and revolutionize your data movement with a free trial of Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud. Experience the simplicity and automation that will free up your valuable resources. Sign up for a free trial today!

Griffin Dassatti
Griffin Dassatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager