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Unveiling the Vision and Value of Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud

Life in the world of data operations has become increasingly complicated in recent years. Modern data teams are often forced to string together multiple complex tools with tenuous connections. Pipelines are coded manually, making them difficult to update and maintain. And processing constraints mean business-critical pipelines may take hours or even days to run, leading to incomplete insights and partially-informed decisions. The cycle of inefficiency hampers productivity and decision-making. It's time for a change.

Bridging the Data Divide for Effortless Integration

We’re excited to introduce a platform purpose-built for the challenges of modern data integration. We call it the Data Productivity Cloud, and it’s designed to bridge the gap between coders and non-coders, enabling everyone to move, transform, and orchestrate data with unprecedented speed and simplicity. Say goodbye to complexity, time-consuming manual data work, and the limitations that stifle data-driven decisions.


Elevate Your Data Operations with Matillion

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is a paradigm shift, designed to liberate your data team. Here's what it brings to the table:

  • Simplified Data Movement: Automate and expedite data movement, eliminating the tedium of manual processes.
  • Collaborative Transformation: Bridge the gap between high-code and low-code users, fostering seamless collaboration and increasing productivity without adding cost.
  • Orchestration Made Easy: Achieve end-to-end orchestration with support for diverse tools, ensuring smooth, automated, and scalable pipeline execution.
  • Unlimited Scale and Flexibility: Embrace unlimited scalability across users and projects, thanks to a unified platform that adapts to your needs.

How Matillion Delivers

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is not just a lofty concept; it's grounded in robust features:

  • PipelineOS: The heart of Matillion’s platform, enables unlimited-scale data processing and management, eliminating the bottlenecks of traditional systems.
  • Flexible Deployment: Choose between a hassle-free SaaS deployment or a hybrid-SaaS approach that meets your data sovereignty requirements.
  • Matillion Hub: Gain a centralized control center for transparency, management, and observability into your data infrastructure, allowing for proactive decision-making.
  • Designer: Collaboration powerhouse built on Git, supporting both high-code and low-code users for complex data transformations.

A Game-Changer for Your Data Team

Matillion is a productivity platform designed for data teams. It redefines data operations, enabling both coders and non-coders to seamlessly move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines at an accelerated pace. By simplifying and automating data movement, addressing skill gaps in data transformation, and effortlessly managing complex pipeline orchestration, Matillion is the game-changer your data team needs.

Ready to Transform Your Data Operations?

Experience the transformation firsthand. Sign up for a free trial of Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud here. Don't wait — start your journey towards data excellence today!

Griffin Dassatti
Griffin Dassatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager