Top Enterprise Connectors for Enterprise Data Teams

Ever wondered what fuels the seamless flow of data across vast digital landscapes? The answer lies in the backbone of modern data engineering: connectors. Among these, Matillion stands out in this domain of innovation and efficiency with its Connector Library - a curated suite of connectors. Let's delve deeper into the unique architecture and top enterprise connectors that empower data engineers to explore new realms, cut integration costs, optimize team skills, and expedite the delivery of valuable data products.

Matillion’s Unique Connector Library:

Matillion boasts a curated library of connectors, leveled up by its Custom Connector - a low-code solution catering to sources beyond the library’s scope. Through profound data and source expertise, coupled with collaborations with customers, Matillion crafts connectors that not only cater to diverse needs but also load data with utmost efficiency. For instance, the Workday connector, a realization stemming from the Matillion community, exemplifies this commitment to efficient data loading.

Top Enterprise Connectors and Their Impact:

SAP Connectivity:

  • Matillion offers four ways to connect to and load data from SAP: SAP Netweaver, SAP HANA database, OData, and SAP ODP. 
  • The SAP ODP stands out, enabling the seamless loading of new data within SAP's expansive datasets, promising efficiency and ease in removing complexity from extracting from SAP. 

Workday & Workday Custom Reports:

  • Workday is a key HR, Finance, and Planning platform.
  • Matillion offers two key ways to get your workday data:
    • Through the SOAP API, which offers you full flexibility of what data you want to fetch but requires a little more setup (this approach caters to those with more access to/knowledge of Workday)
    • Simple Custom Reports connector which allows you to fetch any existing Workday Report and get your data. (this could be used by a data team that has their Workday admin set up reports so they can extract the data without a complex knowledge of Workday)


  • Our Anaplan connector facilitates extracting and loading data from Views and Exports (only exports in DPC), which allows you to utilize existing data structures you have created in Anaplan to get the data to your data warehouse, bypassing the need for intricate new structures, enhancing efficiency. 


  • Matillion provides connectivity for Salesforce that encompasses data extraction, loading data into external systems, and re-importing enriched data back into Salesforce. Retrieve data from Salesforce, augment it with insights and Customer Analytics, and efficiently re-import it back to Salesforce.
  • Our Salesforce Output connector offers the following functionalities:
    • Automatically batches data to ensure optimal file sizes for transmission.
    • Captures rejected records, enabling you to monitor loads and reload data as necessary.

Database Connectivity:

  • All enterprises have key systems running with backend databases; database connectors are key to getting all that key business system data; we cater to the following:
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM DB2 for i
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Netezza
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP Hana
  • Sybase ASE
  • Teradata

Custom Connector:

  • A standout offering, the Custom Connector, tackles the challenge of connecting to custom systems with unique APIs. This low-code solution simplifies data retrieval from Rest APIs, empowering enterprises to harness their business data effortlessly.

Matillion’s Connector Library stands as a testament to innovation in data engineering. By offering a spectrum of connectors honed through deep collaboration and expertise, Matillion not only enables efficient data loading but also accelerates data exploration, reduces integration costs, leverages team skills, and expedites the creation of valuable data products. It demonstrates the power of thoughtful engineering in today's data-driven landscape.

Kotryna Akavickaite
Kotryna Akavickaite

Group Product Owner

Kotryna Akavickaite is the Group Product Owner - Integrations and Connectors at Matillion.