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Anaplan Connector for Matillion: Next-Level Forecasts and Planning

Today's fast-paced business environment demands effective enterprise planning and performance management. The ability to connect data, people, and plans in real-time is critical for making informed business decisions, identifying areas for improvement, and optimizing operational performance. With the rise of cloud-based platforms, businesses now have access to powerful tools that can help them achieve their goals faster and easier. 

Anaplan is a household name when it comes to cloud-based enterprise planning and performance management. Using Anaplan, businesses are able to accumulate valuable data that helps them anticipate changes in the market, identify potential risks and opportunities, and empower users to plan accordingly. However, getting this data business-ready can be a challenge.

 Data teams often face three key problems: complicated data extraction, delayed insights, and unsustainable practices, such as time-consuming, manual process of hand-coding and managing complex Anaplan data pipelines. To tackle these obstacles and unlock the full potential of Anaplan data in the cloud, Matillion has introduced our brand new Anaplan Connector for Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud.   

What is Matillion’s Anaplan Connector for the Data Productivity Cloud?

Matillion’s new Anaplan Connector simplifies data teams' loading, transformation, synchronization, and orchestration of Anaplan data pipelines to maximize value across businesses from within the Matillion interface. The Anaplan Connector supports multi-dimensional data modeling and building business scenarios to test actions and support decision-making in real time toward company targets.   With the use of a proprietary Hyperblock technology, the Anaplan Connector enables data teams to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, making it easier for users to collaborate on planning and analysis within Matillion.

Watch this demo to see Matillion’s Anaplan Connector in action!


Quickly realize the value of Anaplan data with Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud

Matillion ETL offers a centralized process and place to manage data extraction and get your Anaplan data into your cloud data platform. You can easily identify workspaces, models, modules, and views, improving organization and data management while ensuring that teams can quickly access the information they need. Matillion’s low-code/no-code technology and intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for data teams to collaborate and get value from their Anaplan data. What's more, Matillion’s push-down ELT technology takes advantage of cloud data platforms for enhanced scalability and superior performance.  

Leveraging Anaplan’s connected planning platform

Connecting Anaplan's connected planning platform to Matillion Data Productivity Cloud unlocks a wide range of business solutions. Here are some of the most common use cases:

  • Financial planning and analysis

Anaplan data can be extracted and loaded into Matillion to build and approve budgets and forecasts. This allows finance teams to create accurate financial plans, perform scenario analysis, and track performance against targets in real time to fuel growth, optimize costs, and safeguard their bottomline.

  • Supply chain management

By integrating Anaplan data with other data sources in Matillion, businesses can optimize inventory management, reduce lead times, and improve delivery performance. This provides supply chain teams with the ability to make data-driven decisions and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

  • Human resource optimization

Anaplan data can be extracted and loaded into Matillion to provide a complete view of the organization's workforce. This allows HR teams to analyze current headcount levels and workforce trends, create compensation plans underpinned by fair practices, plan for future hiring needs, and allocate resources accordingly – all to deliver greater workforce agility.

  • Sales enablement 

Businesses can connect sales planning to sales performance by combining Anaplan data with other sales data sources in Matillion, which sales teams use to design and optimize territories, quotas and targets, capacity plans, and account segmentation strategies to keep teams focused on securing revenue. This allows businesses to transform incentives from a line item to a strategic revenue driver by building, modeling, and optimizing compensation plans faster to stabilize revenue and drive growth.  

Accurate and intelligent planning as a competitive advantage

Anaplan Connector for Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to tap into the potential of their Anaplan data in the cloud. It allows data teams to simplify data loading, transformation, synchronization, and orchestration, enabling users to collaborate on planning and analysis within Matillion. This code-flexible technology and intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for multi-skilled data teams to collaborate and get value from their Anaplan data. By integrating Anaplan with Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud, businesses can make more informed data-driven decisions and drive better financial outcomes.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado