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Secure Sensitive Data with Matillion's ALTR Integration

In today's digital age, data governance is essential for organizations looking to maintain the security of their sensitive data while maximizing data productivity. With large and dynamic data environments, it can be challenging to implement an effective data governance strategy that protects data from threats and promotes business growth. That's where Matillion comes in, with our integration with ALTR, the only automated data access control and security solution for governing and protecting sensitive data in the cloud.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of this integration and how it enables organizations to manage and safeguard their data more effectively. We'll dive into how it can help organizations automate data access control, increase data visibility, and build deep trust through compliant and reliable data for confident data-driven decision-making. With Matillion’s integration with ALTR, organizations can enhance their data governance initiatives without ever leaving the Matillion interface.  

What is Matillion’s integration with ALTR?  

Matillion’s integration with ALTR empowers organizations to manage and secure sensitive data assets and set centralized data security policies so they can be confident their data is protected at all times. It offers several key features to ensure comprehensive data governance, including automated, granular data access controls, real-time data monitoring and analytics, comprehensive audit trails, and secure tokenization.   How Matillion integrates with ALTR   

Matillion’s integration with ALTR allows for the implementation of classification-based policies to control access to sensitive data and is user-friendly for multi-skilled teams with no coding required. With interactive Data Usage Heatmaps and Analytics Dashboards, organizations can track data usage and access by users, as well as monitor their data usage. Additionally, the integration further offers flexible data masking options for private information and provides auditable query logs to ensure privacy controls are working correctly. 

Watch this demo to see Matillion’s ALTR integration in action!


Supercharge Your Governance Policy

By integrating with ALTR, Matillion offers data-driven organizations a competitive advantage.

  • Automate it

Turn policies into practice with automated data governance to manage risk and safeguard your bottom line. Easily control and secure sensitive data by using a central area to set policy, so organizations can proactively mitigate risk before it negatively affects them. ALTR’s shared job allows organizations to utilize ALTR’s data security and policy capabilities within Matillion, so data engineers can mask and tokenize data assets at the beginning of the data journey — even from the most privileged admin users — to protect highly sensitive data.

  • Increase Transparency

Improve observability to monitor and secure the data landscape. With Matillion’s integration with ALTR, organizations can quickly get visibility into their organization’s data usage. This helps break down silos and make previously hidden data visible so organizations can quickly spot abnormalities and reduce vulnerabilities. ALTR provides a detailed audit trail, including who accessed the data, when they accessed it, and what they did with it. This information is essential for regulatory compliance and helps organizations detect and investigate any suspicious activity, so they can visualize and understand their entire data landscape to secure it at scale.  

  • Make Confident & Compliant Decisions

Matillion’s integration with ALTR makes it simple to enforce data compliance around the clock by providing granular access controls, detailed audit trails, and data protection measures. Abiding by data regulations and laws helps safeguard data and establish standards for its access, use, and integrity while ensuring the entire organization is compliant when working within its own teams and cross-functionally. Matillion’s integration with ALTR uses real-time insights into data access and usage, enabling organizations to make informed and confident data-driven decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.  

Automated Data Access Control & Scalable Security Increases Data Productivity 

Matillion's integration with ALTR is designed to automate data access control and provide scalable security to help organizations increase their data productivity, security, and ultimately, revenue. This integration is a powerful tool for data-driven organizations looking to supercharge their governance policy, increase transparency, and make confident decisions.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado