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Daikin Comfort Builds a 360 Degree Customer View in the Cloud

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data pipelines

developed in 3 months


ingestion reduced

from 1 day to minutes


customer lifetime value view

enabled by automated reporting

The Challenge: siloed systems hinders data productivity

Being the world’s leading manufacturer of indoor HVAC systems requires a focus on innovation  and a deep understanding of the customer. As a company with over 80,000 employees,  Daikin Comfort’s customer data existed in multiple disparate systems across a myriad of  departments, each with different processes.  

Daikin’s finance team embarked on a Customer 360 project to integrate customer data,  standardize data and analytics best practices, and provide teams across the organization with  a single source of customer truth.

Matillion helped us combine data from five separate systems – ERP, Dealer/Distributor, CRM, Warranty, and Rebate Program – to achieve a single source of truth for our customer data. Mark Pearson Director, Data Management & Strategy| Daikin Comfort

The Solution: unified data in the cloud with a modern enterprise data stack

To standardize the collection and analysis of customer data, Daikin engaged Matillion  consulting partner, Slalom, to implement a Customer 360 Master Data Management (MDM)  solution, creating a modern enterprise data platform with the Snowflake Data Cloud and  Matillion.  

Matillion gathers structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from five systems -  ERP, Dealer/Distributor, CRM, Warranty, and Rebate Program - into the Snowflake cloud data  platform. With the data in the cloud, Matillion transforms and standardizes to build a unified  data source that can be accessed by Daikin’s MDM tool. 

More than 10 teams within Daikin now have access to a single, enhanced customer record,  with data owners assigned to each customer attribute and data governance processes  developed to maintain clean data. With customer channel definitions standardized and  maintained in their core systems, Daikin can provide its business users with a single source of  truth for customer identity, channel, owner, and division data.

The Benefits: faster access to business ready data within a low-code environment

With Matillion’s low learning curve, Daikin quickly set up the pipelines to ingest data and  transform it to be analytics-ready for the MDM tool. Now, all the data movement from source  to the cloud is handled by Matillion and is completed in a matter of minutes, significantly faster  and more error free than the prior manual process.  

In addition, with Matillion’s low code / no code environment, the number of people who can  process data movement has significantly increased, virtually eliminating IT bottlenecks  and speeding up data access times for projects. Data analysts with little or no technical  background can pull information from the cloud for critical analysis, review reports and  understand overall patterns, to better serve Daikin customers.

I don’t want the data world to be limited to just the people who have computer science degrees. Matillion allows us the ability to easily pull information from a complex database with its low-code interface. Mark Pearson Director, Data Management & Strategy| Daikin Comfort


  • Securely connected all legacy databases to the cloud
  • Developed more than 120 data pipelines within a few months
  • Reduced data ingestion time from 1 day per data source, to a few minutes
  • Customer Lifetime Value reports updated automatically, providing a real time look at information gathered from multiple systems, such as sales, costs, and buying patterns.

What’s next? Matillion and Snowflake help bring 360 MDM to product development

Daikin plans to further enrich the Customer 360 MDM environment by adding more  departmental databases and product information. And a shift from piecemeal projects to an  entire analytics environment in the cloud will further expand its self-service data reporting  and analysis capabilities. 

About Daikin

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a Fortune 1000 company with more than 84,870 employees worldwide and is the world’s number one indoor comfort solutions provider. Daikin Comfort  Technologies North America, Inc. (DNA) is a subsidiary of DIL, providing Daikin, Goodman,  Amana® and Quietflex brands products. DNA and its affiliates manufacture heating  and cooling systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use, which are sold via  independent HVAC contractors.