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Mutual of Enumclaw Orchestrates Snowflake Data Cloud with Matillion

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on-premises databases

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data sources

in a complex data environment



managed by Matillion

The Challenge: A complex, unwieldy data environment

Mutual of Enumclaw (“MOE”) had a complicated data environment comprised of more than 40  on-premises databases, including DB2, SQL Server, and some mainframe systems. In 2020,  they began to modernize their environment to increase the efficiency of their architecture and improve their reporting by moving their data to the Snowflake Data Cloud on AWS.

The MOE data team decided against a wholesale ‘lift and shift’ to Snowflake, and instead reengineered their system entirely to build a modern enterprise data stack with Snowflake as the cloud data platform. Today, MOE loads and transforms data from 10 on-premises databases to Snowflake, with plans to migrate more and expand its cloud data stack.  

Managing data flows from their on-premises databases to Snowflake is a complex process for the MOE data team. It involves ingesting data from the data sources daily, managing the movement of data - often from table to table - conducting validation checks, and transforming the data based on existing and evolving business logic. Ultimately, the data has to be readied to be viewed by end users as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal interruption to the rest of the business. 

The Solution: Matillion ETL orchestrates data flows for Mutual of Enumclaw

MOE’s data team employs a best-of-breed approach to managing their data environment.  As part of this strategy, they rely on Matillion to manage data flows: when data is loaded,  when it is transformed, when it is validated, by which solution, etc. MOE appreciates the  API connectivity and metadata sharing Matillion provides, making it ideal for orchestrating activities within their data pipelines including job execution scheduling – both in Matillion and for other solutions.  

Matillion is the orchestration engine for our Snowflake Data Cloud environment. Bryan Meier Senior Data Warehouse Manager| Mutual of Enumclaw

The Benefits: Matillion ensures data testing and validation for MOE Nucleus Insurance Policy Management System

In addition to orchestration capabilities, Enumclaw leverages the full data loading capabilities of Matillion for complex use cases. For example, when out-of-the-box connectors are not available, and the development and management of custom connectors are required, or data validation demands necessitate a more robust platform. 

One such example is Nucleus, MOE’s newest insurance policy management system. Policy data is loaded transactionally into an AWS S3 bucket on an ongoing basis. The data is then loaded by  Matillion ETL to Snowflake. As part of this process, Matillion validates the data and ensures its accessibility for users.

Matillion’s ability to handle more complicated data loading requirements and robust testing capabilities made it the ideal solution to handle the data integration needs for our Nucleus Policy Management System on Snowflake. Bryan Meier Senior Data Warehouse Manager| Mutual of Enumclaw

What's next: More data into Snowflake and more analytics

MOE has taken a cautious approach to migrating its data environment to the cloud. They plan to migrate additional data sources to the  Snowflake Data Cloud and continue to rely on Matillion to orchestrate the process. They aim to add additional business logic and reporting capabilities to the Snowflake data set as it expands. Matillion, due to its robust loading, transformation, and orchestration capabilities, will be a key partner for Enumclaw as they continue to modernize their data environment.


  • Matillion orchestrates the movement and transformation of data from 10 on-premises databases.
  • Shared jobs manages activities including scheduling and event-based triggers
  • Matillion manages the entire data pipeline – ingesting, testing, validation, transformation – for MOE’s Nucleus Insurance Policy Management System
  •  MOE leverages the full data loading capabilities of Matillion for complex use cases.

About Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw works exclusively with local independent agents to offer insurance products to individuals, families, farms,  and businesses. With more than $910 billion in total assets, the  company currently operates in Washington, Oregon, Idaho,  Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, and

 Montana. The company has been consistently recognized as one of Washington’s 100 Best  Companies to Work For by Seattle Business Magazine. For more information, please visit