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Red’s Savoy Pizza transitions to a data-driven approach and thrives during the Covid-19 pandemic

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with data-driven approach

The Challenge: Inconsistent data architecture limits the ability to meet changing customer needs

The restaurant industry is constantly adjusting to the changing tastes of customers. Successful restaurants stay one step ahead of the public and understand not just what is popular today, but what will be popular tomorrow. Recognizing the importance of data in a rapidly expanding franchise business, Reed Daniels made a conscious decision to develop an analytics strategy and the capabilities to fulfil that strategy when he became the President of Red Savoy Pizza (“RSP”) in 2017.

The Solution: access to near real-time data in the cloud with Matillion and Snowflake

RSP worked with Matillion partner, DataDrive, to implement a modern data and analytics environment in the cloud with Matillion ETL, Snowflake Data Cloud, and Tableau. 

Matillion automates the extraction and transformation of key information from various data sources, including all the different franchise transaction systems, and stores the data on  Snowflake Data Cloud where it can be analyzed for key insights and business operations using Tableau. Each solution contributes to a modern enterprise data stack that enables RSP  to make confident business decisions based on accurate and up–to–date information, while providing visibility to franchise owners.  

With individual franchisees no longer gathering or analyzing their own data, there is less miscommunication and distrust of the data and data sources, making it easier to achieve a  single source of truth. 

Analytics has allowed us to take action and ask why vs. doing the same things we’ve always done - just because we think it works. Reed Daniels President and CEO| Red's Savoy Pizza

The Benefits: data-driven decisions driving growth and expansion in a challenging market

RSP can now make data-driven, timely decisions and adjust to changing customer behaviors accordingly. RSP leverages daily reports derived from accurate and trusted data sources to compare the performance of different franchise locations and recommend best practices across the organization. The time savings of having rapid access to reliable data sources,  instead of manually cleaning up reports, has allowed RSP to explore new opportunities for the business, including optimizing staff hours, menu items, and customer loyalty program initiatives. 

Matillion ETL has enabled RSP to continuously monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)  that don’t come with standard software reporting; KPI’s tell compelling stories and encourage franchise owners to invest in areas where they are seeing success. This has helped RSP gain trust and build confidence in a franchise model that requires more buy-in from owners than a  traditional restaurant chain. 

RSP chose a data-driven approach and are now in a better position to convert business questions into actionable analysis. By laying the foundation to integrate efficient data analysis into their business, RSP has thrived and expanded in a market that has wiped out so many during the pandemic.

We were able to watch the customer behaviour and help predict and prepare the franchises for the changes. Reed Daniels President and CEO| Red's Savoy Pizza


  • Previously time consuming reports on sales and orders now generated daily
  • New data insights allow a shifted focus to deliveries and providing better customer service
  • Modern data stack enables swift pivot of marketing campaigns to meet changing demands

About Red’s Savoy Pizza

RSP is a Midwest pizza franchise that is known for its unique ‘Sota-Style Pizza’. The original restaurant opened in 1965 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since then, RSP has expanded to  18 restaurants with two additional restaurants that are due to open. All RSP restaurants provide high-quality pizza and excellent customer service. 

DataDrive is a managed analytics provider based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. DataDrive’s  Analytics Accelerator managed service helps organizations build a modern data-driven capability and data-literate culture - without the hassle of managing a data team or reporting platform.