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Matillion’s New Lake House: A Brighter Future with Databricks

The potential of machine learning (ML) is a new vision for productivity. Databricks has always looked beyond the current data platforms, aiming to make data practitioners as efficient as possible. By enabling multiple coding languages and putting AI at the core of Delta Lake, efficiency was thought to be optimal. But what if it could enhance other features simultaneously? With Matillion on Databricks, it can. 

Matillion powers the data movement, transformation and orchestration through the Databricks medallion architecture. These features can have an impact on your productivity: 

  • Infinite users and projects with Matillion PipelineOS via game-changing microservice agents that execute data pipelines for data movement and transformation.
  • Data teams can build and design using a single platform for the movement, transformation, and orchestration of data into and throughout their lakehouse.
  • Financial gains and budget specialists are empowered through price performance based on utilization. Evaluating each data pipeline's value is simple.
  • Enhanced collaboration and teamwork with a Git integration and versioning for seamless development, testing, and production of environment management. 
  • Access for all skill levels with no-code templates and pipelines. Code-friendly IDE’s, fully-customizable orchestrations and transformations are combined in a sophisticated visual designer.

Allowing Databricks’ users to become more creative within Delta Lake using Matillion’s sophisticated software development. 

With Matillion's data integration capabilities, you can easily ingest data from a range of sources, including databases, SaaS applications, APIs, and file storage. Data can then be modeled and transformed to meet your specific requirements. Through Databricks’ modern platform, the end-user possibilities are endless. Enabling interactions with data through the Apache Spark-based medallion architecture. This seamless transition, from data integration to production, streamlines the entire data lifecycle- obtaining insights faster than ever before. 

Combining Matillion's data integration capabilities with Databricks' advanced ML capabilities and processing power, unlocks the full potential of your data, accelerates decision-making, and drives innovation. Not only transforming the way data is managed and analyzed, but also allowing access to data-driven insights.

See how Matillion enables some of Databricks most powerful features in our December feature.

Ryder Zgabay
Ryder Zgabay

Senior Product Marketing Manager