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Enhancing Customer Experience with Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud

Customer experience has emerged as the top priority for undergoing digital transformation. Delivering a seamless and integrated experience for your customers is essential but there are some challenges. 

Let’s explore how the Data Productivity Cloud can help you enhance customer experience… 

Addressing Customer Data Challenges: Silos, Delays, and Security

Effective management of your customer’s data can create several challenges, such as:

  1. Siloed Customer Data: Customer data is often scattered across multiple systems, restricting a unified view of customer information and hindering comprehensive insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  2. Bottlenecks and Delays: Traditional data processes are often time-consuming, resulting in delayed delivery of customer insights to business stakeholders. 
  3. Customer Data Security Risks: Safeguarding sensitive information, upholding customer trust, and navigating complex regulatory requirements are frequently overlooked or neglected.

Understanding these challenges helps streamline your data management practices and acquire a competitive edge in catering to customer demands.

Real-World Examples of What You Can Do with Your Customer Data

Red's Savoy Pizza, a pizza franchise in the midwest, relied on Matillion to integrate data from multiple franchisee transaction systems to get a near real-time understanding of their customer’s purchasing decisions. This enabled them to better adjust to changing customer behavior and helped them increase customer loyalty transactions by 50%. They thrived during the pandemic while many other restaurants struggled. 

We were able to watch the customer behavior and help predict and prepare the franchises for the changes. Reed Daniels President and CEO| Red’s Savoy Pizza Franchise Corporation

Daikin Comfort is the world’s number one indoor comfort solutions provider, manufacturing heating and cooling systems with over 80K employees. As part of a Customer 360 project, they relied on Matillion to integrate and standardize customer data across the entire organization. Within a few months, they were able to integrate data from 5 separate systems and develop more than 120 data pipelines. Now, they are able to understand their customers better, automatically generating and updating customer lifetime value reports with real-time information from multiple systems.

Matillion helped us combine data from five separate systems – ERP, Dealer/ Distributor, CRM, Warranty, and Rebate Program – to achieve a single source of truth for our customer data. Mark Pearson Data Management & Strategy Director| Daikin Comfort

How using the Data Productivity Cloud impacts the Customer 360-degree view 

Accurate analysis, harnessing customer insights and proactive churn management form the foundation of any robust Customer 360 approach. Take a look at how the Data Productivity Cloud helps you track and improve your customer’s experience.

Unified Customer Data 

Revenue Growth

  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, target high-value customers, and optimize revenue generation. 
  • Process data in real time and provide up-to-date information on customer interactions and behaviors, enabling prompt responses to customer needs.
  • Deliver timely and relevant experiences to enhance customer satisfaction, increase repeat purchases, and drive revenue growth.

Reduced Churn and Costs

  • Apply predictive models to your customer data through the easy integration of machine learning and advanced analytics platforms.
  • Identify signals and indicators of potential churn by analyzing historical customer data patterns. Having the ability to take proactive measures, such as personalized. retention campaigns or offers, to mitigate churn risks and retain valuable customers 
  • Streamline and automate the process of collecting and consolidating customer data.
  • Diminish manual effort and eradicate the difficulties associated with manual data handling.

Empowering Customer 360 Success 

Serving as a catalyst for Customer 360 initiatives, the Data Productivity Cloud streamlines your data movement, closes the skills gap in data transformation and provides limitless scalability. Enabling smooth data movement, transformation and orchestration with its user-friendly interface. Automating data movement ensures a seamless transfer of your customer information across various systems, while making data transformation accessible to wider teams.

Unlock the potential of Customer 360 initiatives, and deliver exceptional customer experiences Get your data business ready, faster with a free trial and get started in minutes!

Sam Wortman
Sam Wortman

Senior Product Marketing Manager