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Transforming the Way You Work With Data

Organizations face challenges of managing and transforming vast amounts of data. But what exactly are those challenges and how can we help? Let’s start with what we are hearing from our customers…

Core Challenges

Lack of Data Engineering Resources: Scarcity of resources hinders the smooth execution of data transformation tasks. Many organizations face budget constraints that limit their ability to hire skilled data engineers or invest in expensive technology. 

Bottlenecks for New Projects:Traditional data transformation methods can be complex, time-consuming, and dependent on a limited pool of expertise. Whilst initiating new projects becomes a cumbersome process which delays insights and the ability to make data-led decisions.

Slow Processing: The sheer volume and complexity of data can cause slow processing, with delayed data pipelines, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities.

Duplicated Effort: Collaboration among data teams can be challenging, leading to duplicated effort and version control issues.

The Data Productivity Cloud empowers data teams, coders or non-coders alike to transform and orchestrate data pipelines more efficiently and with unparalleled ease. Let’s take a look at the specific features enabling that empowerment.

Key Transform Features

Designer: A built-in Designer interface allows end-to-end ELT, simplifying complex data loading, transformations, and orchestrations. With a wizard-based low/no code interface, users of all skill levels can easily navigate and execute data transformations.

Component Library: The Component Library offers a vast selection of pre-built transformations, orchestration integrations, and data governance integrations. Seamlessly integrating with third-party tools optimizes data transformation processes.

Data Sampling: Data Sampling enables data teams to explore and analyze data faster. Validating logic and transformations on a smaller dataset before scaling up, aiding prototyping, reducing resource costs, and enhancing overall efficiency.

So how will those features benefit you? Here’s a summary of the core benefits.

Core Benefits of Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud

Code-Optional Platform - Automated no/low code templates empower a wider range of users to transform data effortlessly. Bridging skill gaps and eliminating the reliance on specialized resources, while an embedded SQL IDE opens the door to skilled coders. 

Faster and More Self-Service Transformation – Simplifying the most complex data transformation through a modern ETL approach accelerates processes and enables a self-service approach to gathering insights. 

Lightspeed Processing – Leveraging efficient, parallel processing capabilities, which enables change across multiple pipelines simultaneously. This results in enhanced performance and optimized data processing.

Streamlined Collaboration and Version Control –  Integration with Github streamlines collaboration efforts, sharing, feedback, and version control. Eliminating duplicated effort and improving team productivity ensures smooth project progression.

We believe the Data Productivity Cloud is the solution for data teams seeking to overcome challenges, unlock transformational capabilities, and boost productivity. Empowering organizations to simplify their data work by using a unified platform, unlimited scale and two-minute setup. 

But don’t take our word for it, enhance your own data transformation by signing up for a free trial!

Ryder Zgabay
Ryder Zgabay

Senior Product Marketing Manager