Open Positions at Matillion: We’re looking for you.

Get your head in the cloud and advance your career. Together, let's make a dent in the universe bigger than ourselves.

Join us on #TeamGreen

It’s not about our product – although it’s highly acclaimed. It’s not about our investors. It’s not even about our customers – although we wouldn’t be here without them and their 5-star reviews. It’s about our people, and always has been!

Are you ready to change the way the world works with data and have a little fun along the way? Become part of our fast growing, agile, smart, and humble team and seize the opportunity to truly make an impact.


A Truly Great Place to Work

Our culture and benefits have landed us on prestigious lists including Great Places to Work, BuiltIn Best Places to Work, and more.


We really are different.

Love where you work

Whether in the UK or the US, we provide office spaces intended to inspire a healthy, fun and productive working environment. Our employees enjoy free snacks and drinks, games and events, flexible meeting spaces, and the equipment they need to do their jobs with ease.

Keep learning

At Matillion, we are always learning and finding new ways to grow. All Matillioners have access to Udemy for Business courses, lunch and learns, guest speakers and hack days. We’ll help with whatever you need to support you in your role whether it’s paying for books, certifications, traditional training, exams, or conferences.

Extraordinary culture

We have 6 core values by which we live and breathe. We are collaborative, passionate, honorable, and genuinely care about each other and the communities in which we work. (We even give Matillioners 5 fully paid days annually to volunteer). We are champions of diversity and inclusion; we are committed to creating an environment in which everyone feels valued and heard.

Communicate courageously

Our transparency surprises people. We actively encourage all Matillioners to feel empowered to ask the leaders anything they want to know - and they do! We facilitate this open culture of communication across Matillion through regular Town Halls and All Hands meetings, weekly calls from the CEO to the whole company, and multiple Slack channels.

Create your balance

We want you to live your life while contributing to an exciting company and developing your career. There is so much range in how, when, and where you work. Ditch the time cards, clocking in and out, and waiting for 5 pm to leave work.

Walk the walk

Things change fast around here as we continue to grow. But one thing never changes--we cultivate authenticity. We do what we say we will and hold ourselves accountable, both with our customers and with our own team. We live our company values, whether it’s helping out in our communities, always doing what’s right for the customer, or taking care of ourselves. Every single new Matillioner has a 1:1 meeting with the CEO and access to open-door hours. And we take advantage of it.

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