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Empowering Financial Planning and Analysis: Unleashing Matillion for Growth, Efficiency, and Swift Insights

Ever wonder if your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) endeavors could break free from the shackles of integration challenges, time-consuming processes, and the sluggish pace of data delivery? Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is not just a remedy for these challenges but a powerhouse, supercharging the effectiveness of data teams, empowering them to move, transform and orchestrate data pipelines faster. 

Navigating the complexities of the Financial Planning and Analysis Landscape

Understanding the intricate landscape of financial planning presents a series of challenges, including: 

  • Difficulty integrating many silos and systems: The intricate challenge of amalgamating diverse data sources obstructs the seamless reporting and forecasting needed by financial teams. Navigating through the complexity of disparate systems poses a substantial hurdle, hindering the generation of accurate insights.
  • Time-consuming: The meticulous process of data preparation, requiring advanced algorithms and validation protocols, becomes a resource-intensive task. This precision is vital to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial insights, making it a critical aspect demanding significant human and technological resources.
  • Long wait times for data delivery: The prevalence of prolonged delays in accessing critical data is a bottleneck for agile financial planning. This lag impedes the quick decision-making necessary in a dynamic business environment, potentially resulting in missed strategic opportunities and revenue loss. Timely access to real-time data is not just a convenience but a strategic necessity for organizations striving to stay competitive.

Driving Growth, Efficiency, and Swift Insights

Successfully navigating challenges requires the establishment of clear objectives for growth and efficiency optimization. Chief Financial Officers strategically focus on cost reduction initiatives, particularly investing in automation, bolstering financial resilience, and positioning organizations for sustained growth. In today's business landscape, recognizing the pivotal role of data, organizations aim to unleash their full potential without data constraints.

The global shift to storing corporate data in the cloud, reaching 60% in 2022 from 30% in 2015, underscores the urgency. Rapid data growth is now necessary for businesses striving to stay ahead in a data-driven world. The heightened demand for accelerated data analysis is driven by the realization that time-sensitive decisions rely on timely insights. As the opportunity cost of missing valuable information rises, leveraging swift data analysis becomes instrumental in securing a competitive edge and driving profit. Embracing faster data analysis is a proactive strategy, mitigating risks and amplifying rewards in today's dynamic business environment.

Empowering Modern Data Teams with Matillion

  • Streamline data integration effortlessly with Matillion, transforming data from diverse sources such as ERPs, financial management platforms, transactional data, market data, customer and sales data, and more. The platform’s no-coding approach ensures a smooth transition of this varied data into a unified Customer Data Platform (CDP), providing modern data teams with a powerful tool for efficient integration. 
  • Matillion is pivotal in maintaining regulatory compliance and governance as data usage scales. The platform's observability features, accessible on a single pane, grant organizations real-time insights into data operations. This not only fortifies compliance adherence but also establishes robust governance protocols, instilling confidence in data handling practices.
  • Overcome data bottlenecks swiftly with Matillion, unlocking the pathway to faster access to meaningful business insights. The platform's capabilities enable organizations to expedite the extraction of valuable insights, facilitating quicker report generation. This agility empowers teams with timely and informed data for strategic financial planning and analysis. Matillion's commitment to enhancing the data-to-insights pipeline elevates overall operational agility for modern data teams.

Real-Life Applications w/ Duo Security & Principal Financial Group


Duo Security, a rapidly expanding cybersecurity firm, wanted to adopt a scalable financial reporting solution to match its robust growth and achievements. Turning to Matillion, the integration sparked a remarkable transformation. The financial closure process, once taking 5-6 days, was streamlined to mere minutes. Daily ARR forecasts, a shift from monthly, offered real-time insights to the entire company. This proactive approach empowered the sales team to comprehend individual customer pipelines, correlating them with the business's overall financial health.

Snowflake and Matillion ETL together, have enabled every analyst across the organization with a common data platform rather than having to rely on individual system reporting capabilities and having to learn the nuances of each system. Christopher James Data Warehouse Lead| Duo Security

Principal Financial Group

Principal, facing challenges in financial document processing, turned to Matillion for a solution. Implementing a natural language engine, Matillion efficiently processed massive unstructured data from various sources, reducing data processing time from hours to seconds. The system searched through 500 billion sentences in under 6 hours and cut compute costs by over 70%. This collaboration not only streamlined operations but also empowered Principal to deliver precise performance scores for clients, marking a significant advancement in their financial document processing capabilities.

Matillion's concurrency and scalability allow us to process thousands of documents simultaneously, reducing the compute time from hours to seconds. Brody Vogel Data and Operational Research Scientist| Principal Financial Group

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud emerges as a vital ally for modern data teams engaged in financial planning and analysis. By addressing integration challenges, reducing processing times, and ensuring regulatory compliance, Matillion empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern data management. 

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Niamh Sedgwick is a Product Marketing Coordinator at Matillion. Niamh is responsible for meticulously planning, executing and evaluating the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns, whilst also serving as a content strategist and analyst. She ensures the team’s organization in Asana to optimize workflow efficiency. 

Niamh Sedgwick
Niamh Sedgwick

Product Marketing Coordinator