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in compute costs


sentences searched

in under 6 hours


processed in seconds

instead of hours


Emerald Award 2022 Winner, Principal Financial Group (PFG), wanted to reduce the time and resources required to process thousands of financial documents daily. This meant slowly searching through text for specific words and phrases to deliver an accurate performance score for its clients.


Using Matillion ETL, PFG built a natural language engine to process massive amounts of unstructured data from multiple sources in parallel. It also integrated Matillion’s dynamic querying capabilities with Snowflake’s regular expression engine to reduce compute costs.


  • With Matillion ETL, PFG has optimized its financial performance scoring process.
  • It can now search approx. 500 billion sentences for more than 400 complex phrases in under 6 hours.
  • Reduced compute costs by more than 70%.
Matillion's concurrency and scalability allow us to process thousands of documents simultaneously, reducing the compute time from hours to seconds. Brody Vogel Data and Operations Research Scientist| Principal Financial Group