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Matillion and Databricks to Deliver Data Productivity for Lakehouse Enterprises

In the excitement of Databricks Data + AI Summit - we wanted to stop and shout from the lakehouse: Matillion is gearing up to deliver a private preview of Data Productivity Cloud for Databricks!  

It’s been just seven months since Databricks Ventures invested in Matillion, and hot on the heels of Matillion’s support of Unity Catalog, Delta Live Tables and Databricks Notebook orchestration, we’re pleased to deliver some major results of our collaboration. The combination of Matillion and Databricks is a significant boost for data teams that are powered by the Lakehouse to deliver fast performance at a lower cost.  

Data teams need to get their data pipelines and transformations at scale, quickly, and without compromise. Matillion Data Productivity Cloud for Databricks enables unprecedented access to an organization’s data, allowing users of all skill levels to glean insights from all over the business for analytics and AI in Databricks Lakehouse. Key benefits for data engineers, scientists, analysts, and leaders to move, transform and orchestrate their data in the Lakehouse and ensure their data teams are set up for success with: 

  • Matillion PipelineOS: game-changing microservice agents that execute data pipelines for data movement and transformation across infinite users and projects.
  • Empowered data teams that can build using a single platform to handle data movement, transformation, and orchestration into and throughout their lakehouse.
  • Price performance based on utilization which makes evaluating each data pipeline's intrinsic value easy.
  • Collaborate on unlimited projects with Git integration and versioning for seamless development, test, and production environment management. 
  • Code-optional tools for data teams with mixed low and high code skills to build together via a sophisticated visual designer.

Get Ed Thompson and Laura Malin’s overview of how Matillion Data Productivity Cloud was designed to increase data productivity without infrastructure:


Help shape the future of Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud by taking part in our exclusive private preview program for Databricks users. The Data Productivity Cloud takes your data productivity to the next level - providing you speed, scalability, and no installation required from your data integration platform. 

Reserve your private preview spot for Matillion Data Productivity Cloud here!