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What’s New to Data Productivity Cloud Since Launch?

In July of this year, Matillion introduced the Data Productivity Cloud- revolutionizing how data practitioners move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines. During the last two months, Matillion has been innovating, improving and rolling out new features to further empower users to unlock unprecedented value. 

And remember, if you missed the launch, you can catch up with a hands-on demo here.

The Data Productivity Cloud is currently live for Snowflake on AWS and Azure, with Redshift and Databricks to follow in the coming weeks. 

Updates to the Matillion Designer

The Matillion Designer has undergone significant enhancements, making data transformation even more intuitive.

  • Multiple design changes- including syntax additions and IntelliSense for enhanced coding efficiency
  • Introduction of the File Iterator component.
  • Introduction of the Stream Iterator component.

Revamping the Matillion Designer’s interface ensures that coders and non-coders can efficiently transform data, irrespective of their skill level. With syntax additions and IntelliSense, you'll experience a smoother data transformation process. Expanding your toolkit with the new File Iterator and Stream Iterator components is key for versatile data handling.

Updates to the Matillion Hub

The Matillion Hub now offers improved observability and error handling for batch pipeline runs.

  • The Pipeline Observability Dashboard allows users to monitor their pipelines and instances with enhanced details.
  • Pipeline Error Messages displayed in the Pipeline run details page.

The Matillion Hub's updates ensure that you have a clearer view of batch pipeline runs, thanks to the Pipeline Observability Dashboard. Pipeline error messages are now readily available, enabling you to address issues promptly and minimize disruptions.

Updates to the Matillion Loader (Batch and CDC)

New Connectors and Destinations for CDC and Batch loading

  • Matillion CDC enables data loading directly into Snowflake
  • Cloud provider credentials storage for AWS and Azure.
  • New CDC Connector: IBM Db2.
  • New Loader Destinations: S3, Azure Blob Storage.
  • New Loader Connectors: Dynamics 365, Facebook Ads, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and many more.
  • Data Transfer Component: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, S3, Fileshare.
  • Added an In-client “Help” bar for CDC.
  • Updated CDC agent.

Empowering you to load data into Snowflake without manual staging, the Matillion Loader’s CDC saves time and effort, all within the same easy-to-use GUI. With the addition of numerous connectors and the ability to store cloud provider credentials, you gain more flexibility and security in your data operations.

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud has been on a transformative journey since its July launch, and the latest releases and updates are a testament to that. Focussing on simplifying data transformation, automating data movement, and enhancing pipeline orchestration, Matillion is assisting data teams to achieve unprecedented productivity. 

Whether an existing Matillion customer or looking to explore our Data Productivity Cloud, please explore our demo experience here!

Ryder Zgabay
Ryder Zgabay

Senior Product Marketing Manager