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Universal Connectivity

Create custom data connectors in minutes–no coding skills required! Our easy, wizard-driven custom connector framework will set you free to leverage virtually any data source you need for modern analytics–SaaS, legacy, or homegrown–and empower your whole team to create shared, secure, connected datasets.

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See how TUI built custom connectors to improve productivity and decision making throughout the business

Increase Connectivity across your business



Step-by-step, wizard-driven process: No coding skills required!

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Quick and easy to build and maintain connectivity to custom data sources



Expand data reach on your terms to support a growing data ecosystem

Future Proof


No more waiting – take advantage of shared community data connectors, or build your own

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Learn to create data connectors in minutes at Matillion Academy!

Want to learn how to create connectors in minutes? Join Matillion Academy: You’ll not only get access to all of our free courses to learn about the product and best practices, but also learn how to leverage and contribute to our community connector library!