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Overcoming Data Challenges at JobCloud AG

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Job Cloud AG

Significant time saved and ensuring data consistency

Boosted data processing efficiency

Effortlessly tackled data overload


JobCloud AG faced the challenge in handling Tealium event tracking data from their web platforms. The data source had a dynamic schema, and the sheer volume of data posed a significant ETL challenge.


Incorporating Matilion's solutions, JobCloud AG established a robust and adaptable data management system that continues to support their growth and success. Matilion's flexibility and automation have become invaluable assets in their ongoing data operations.


  • Efficient Data Loading: Job cloud AG now effortlessly loads data from their source, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with their stage layer.
  • Schema Management: Matilion's solution calculates a unique hash of all column names in the detected table schema. Monitoring changes in schemas and providing comprehensive documentation empowers their business analysts.
  • Transformation: Different tables are aligned to various schemas- Matilion's versatile features like Job and Grid Variables, Query Result to Scalar, and Schema to Grid, have become indispensable tools in this process.